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A honeymoon change of plans that altered our life course....

Spoleto, Umbria, Italy
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My husband and I stumbled upon Spoleto during our honeymoon. We're American but got married in nearby Todi, Italy where my grandmother was born 120 years ago. Our honeymoon was a lovely two-week self-guided tour around Tuscany, Umbria, Venice, and Verona. When our trip was almost over we both said to ourselves, "I don't want to go home". We weren't leaving Italy. We were in love - in love with each other and in love with the country. So, without hesitation, I changed our flight home and gave ourselves another two weeks experiencing la dolce vita. Since we had no plans, I consulted a travel guide that mentioned Spoleto and how it was famous for not only it's annual Festival of Two Worlds but also for it's unparalleled beauty. So I booked a small apartment for the extra two weeks and off we went. Another two weeks of "La Dolce Vita".

Spoleto sits atop a steep hill. To the south is the lush green mountainside of Monteluco. Connecting Spoleto to the hilly area is the Ponte delle Torri, a pedestrian bridge built atop what many believe was the remains of a Roman aqueduct. Above you sits La Rocca, the famous fortress that has a commanding position at the very top of Spoleto. It was commissioned to be built in the 1300's when Spoleto came to into great power in this region.

The panorama here is breathtaking. The scenery is such that you feel as though you can't take enough photographs. You want to capture it all from every angle. As we meandered downhill, we navigated the worn cobblestone lanes and admired the fine architecture, the quaint shops, the brilliant cathedral, and the well-dressed locals. The fresh aroma of espresso filled the air. Our last minute decision to stay an extra two weeks in Italy ended up changing our lives - not just our honeymoon. We ultimately decided to retire in Spoleto. We fell completely in love with this charming town and decided to call it home. "La Dolce Vita" indeed!
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Spoleto is one of Umbria's most beautiful hill towns. It is famous for its Ponte delle Torre, a magnificent bridge that is believed to have been used as an aqueduct in Roman times. It is also knows for La Rocca, the fortress that sits upon the top of Spoleto's hill, and the Festival of Two Worlds, an annual two-week summer-time series of events that highlight music, dance and art.

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