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A great hotel room

Mildenhall, England, United Kingdom
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the thing about European hotel rooms is that they are small and while our tiny children can usually squeeze onto the small sofa bed in the room, it's not ideal for a grumpy pre-teen that doesn't want to be near their siblings. While in Mildenhall, UK during a visit to our brother-in-law who is stationed at the RAF there, we were able to stay at the hotel on the base. The room was absolutely amazing! Not only are the prices much lower than regular hotels, but the amount of room that you get can't be compared to other places. Couple this with the conveniences of being on base (being retired military helps with that) and the great service we got, and this stay was a win! I highly recommend staying at base hotels to anyone who is able to gain access to them.
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RAF Mildenhall
RAF Mildenhall
The hotel on base is amazing and I recommend it if you can access the military base.

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