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A feast of Creepy Crawlers in Mexico!

San Juan Teotihuacán, Méx., Mexico
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As the saying goes “When in Rome....”, or in our case Teotihuacán. Mexico has the world’s highest number of edible insects, and naturally we wanted a taste, barring the gross factor. There is a really awesome restaurant called La Gruta and as the name implies, it is in-fact inside a real Cave. We decided to go for a full tasting menu of creepy crawlers; grasshoppers (Chapulines), ant larvae (Escamoles) and Green Caterpillars (Cuchamás), in case you need the names for reference. I would say grasshoppers are crunchy and go great with beer and the ant larvae can masquerade as anything they are mixed with. Fried caterpillars were the most challenging for me to accept because they look like maggots! Taste wise they are crunchy like a chip and hollow inside. If you are looking for some culinary adventure, I highly recommend trying a one or two or three. If you are not ready for larvae, you may at least consider grasshoppers, I found them easiest to socialize. Eat up & enjoy!
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La Gruta
Great place to try Mexican delicacies, Excellent Drinks and atmosphere.

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