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A city cooler than you might think

Covington, KY, United States
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So during my lovely trip to Cincinnati (separate post), we stayed in Covington right across the river. We and the team stayed in a beautiful Marriott hotel where they actually printed one of our players on the room keys. I thought that was an extremely nice gesture. Friday morning my dad and I got up and walked around a bit trying to find breakfast. Unfortunately the Irish place we were extremely excited about didn't actually open until 11, and we had lunch plans already in place. We went to First Watch which ended up being a lot closer to the hotel than we expected. They had a seasonal breakfast menu and my dad and I both ordered the sweet potato hash that came with eggs, turkey sausage, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and probably a lot of other things that I didn't notice because I was so busy eating.
After eating, we walked down by the river. Our hotel was right at the start of the historical district so we were able to walk the whole thing. They had markers explaining history and statues of different people who had an influence in the city. There is a log wall mural depicting different years in the city's life and it is absolutely beautiful. We made a loop around after the historical district so we could look at houses. I'm a huge fan of old homes and it's so exciting to see ones with stories to tell.
After our walk we went back to the hotel and I explored a little bit. The hotel has a little balcony with a fire pit for the nights that get cold enough to enjoy it. The weather was perfect for a fire, while we were walking it was 39 degrees outside.
For lunch a group of us went to Skyline Chili since chili is something you must eat when in the area. I was a little concerned when the waitress couldn't tell me what kind of meat was in the chili, so I stuck with the vegetarian bowl (I don't eat pork). The vegetarian bowl was the right way to go. It might have even been better than my dinner at Moerlein's. Two others got normal chili, which is served over spaghetti (weird) and the other two had grilled chicken wraps. Very good meal.

After that we walked around the historic district again since he others had not seen the area. If you're looking to visit Cincinnati, make surety take a short trip across the water and see what Covington can offer!
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Licking Riverside
Licking Riverside
This little area runs next to the Ohio river so you can walk next to it while learning a bit about the city.


Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter
Beautiful hotel with very large beds. My dad and I slept in one and didn't bump into each other at all.


Skyline Chili
The vegetarian chili is really good. They have rice and beans in it to give a little more fullness.

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