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A calm pool and a raging torrent

Henly, TX, United States
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During my recent visit to Pedernales Falls State Park in the Texas Hill Country, I was really surprised by the sheer number of photo opportunities that I found. The main falls are certainly interesting but some of the best photo opportunities can be found short distances upstream and downstream. When I went downstream, I noticed that the Pedernales River flows through a series of channels, rock tunnels, and around several large boulders.

While looking for Photograph opportunities, I happened to see this calm pool of still water in a depression within the rock. Next to this calm pool was a raging torrent of water where the Pedernales River was forced into a narrow channel. I thought that this contrast would make for a nice photograph. I set up my tripod and my DSLR camera and created some images. I also snapped a few quick shots with my cell phone camera. I am sharing one of those cell phone camera shots due to the size limitations on here. Perhaps it will inspire some readers to visit this beautiful place.
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