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A Torturous Visit to the Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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You could not pay me to go back to the Vancouver Aquarium.

It seemed like such a great idea. It was located within Stanley Park. We could walk there from our hotel. And aquariums are fun. Right?

Oh so wrong. This was the most crowded crowded place in the history of crowded places. I could barely move--and my ankles were smarting by the end of the day due to so many run-ins with baby strollers. I get it. Aquariums are kid-friendly places. Kids probably get way more out of aquariums than the typical adult. But oh my gosh, sometimes you've just got to leave the stroller at home and wear your baby. And I say this as a mother of two, not a baby-hater.

I think the alligator in my photo felt my pain. He definitely looked like one angry dude. Just check out those eyes. I feared for my life after looking into his eyes.

I'm sure the exhibits were wonderful, but unfortunately, my main memory is how hot and crowded it was and how miserable I was. In good news, I did buy one of those cheesy keepsake souvenir photos of me and my now-husband, and I love it. The visit wasn't a total waste.
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Vancouver Aquarium Street
Vancouver Aquarium Street
Super, super, super crowded. Did I mention it was crowded? Great location in Stanley Park. Mean alligators.

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by Ihpie10


I hope you got to get away from the crowds in Stanley Park. It's beautiful!