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A Symbol of Rural America

Kansas, KS, United States
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Several years ago, I was driving K-9 highway across rural Cloud County, Kansas. I have driven this road many times, but something stood out for me on this particular trip. I saw an old grain elevator that I had seen many times before. It had stood beside the highway (and the adjacent railroad tracks) for decades. Over the years, it had become quite dilapidated. Somehow, this old elevator just beckoned me to pull off the highway and take a photograph.

The elevator is truly a symbol of the decline, and progress, of rural America. Gone are the days when a small elevator such as this one would have been found every few miles. Today, farmers haul there grain to large concrete elevators, often several miles away. Everything is bigger now. The small family farms are being replaced by larger commercial operations. The small communities are declining as nearby cities grow larger. Tractors and other equipment are getting bigger. This elevator was a simple reminder of farming in rural America in decades past.
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