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A Rocky Hideaway

Bendinat, PM, Spain
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Mallorca is an island tourist hot spot in the Mediterranean, and because of that, its beaches can become quite crowded, especially in the peak summer months. The throngs of visitors can surely dampen your experience, be it when finding a prime place to lay your towel becomes nearly impossible or just when you are simply trying to enjoy the surroundings. That's why seeking out lesser known, or out of the way, beaches is key when visiting the island. There's a little enclave a short drive from the city in the community of Bendinat that may suit you. This isn't a sprawling sandy beach, however, but more a rocky little cove that juts out from some neighboring hotels and homes that makes for a great place to sit and swim and be a little disconnected. The area is attached to a hotel, but it is free for anyone to use.
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A little rocky enclave a short drive from the busy center of Palma.

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