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A Rewarding Hike

New Bonaventure, NL, Canada
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Our next stop after Twillingate was St. Johns, Newfoundland. We decided to take the entire day and explore the fishing villages and sights to see along the way with only St. Johns as our destination. We happened upon lots of awesome stops. When spotting two huge icebergs out in the ocean we knew we would be able to get closer. We kept watching our GPS and where the roads were headed in comparison to where these icebergs were and we finally made our way around to a parking lot with a boardwalk. Not sure where it would lead us we got out and started our hike. The boardwalk was actually a memorial boardwalk where people could buy boards and paint whatever they wanted on them in memory of a loved one, a well wish, a remembrance of a special event, etc. It was over a mile long and was awesome to see. After the boardwalk ended we continued on the path and found a lighthouse and some benches. We loved that all over Newfoundland there are benches and/or chairs for you to just sit and enjoy the scenery. We continued now heading back on the other wise of the peninsula from the boardwalk heading towards the icebergs. We were able to end up getting a pretty view, and in the meantime, had a nice hike. We love exploring and figuring out where paths will take you. Not exactly sure of the location of this picture but we were somewhere in this general area!
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