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A Quick View of Anqing, China

Anqing, Anhui, China
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Not too much happened yesterday, with the heat reaching 98 degrees Fahrenheit, I made no attempt to explore anymore of the city or the school. With my jetlag still in full force, I am showered and ready to start my Sunday at six in the morning. I have been awake since three after my attempted nap last night before dinner turned into a full night sleep. By five, I decided to throw on my running shoes and explore the campus. If I remember correctly, Anqing Normal University is home to about 30 thousand students, and houses most of them. Needless to say, this campus is huge!
Surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, ponds, and forests, ANU has a beautiful view around almost every corner. The architecture here is interesting, each building is at least 100 yards long, four stories, and mainly made out of concrete and tile. Unfortunately, maintenance does not seem to be the schools number one priority as it is not difficult to find cracked tiles on the floors, or dirt covered exterior walls. I assume since the campus is not completely open due to summer break, the lack of horticulture is at an absence.
With roads as wide as four lane highways guiding you around the campus, it is obvious that any journey will take awhile since the buildings are so spread apart. My building sits right next to the Main Gate of the campus, and about a mile down the road is the East Gate. The East Gate is were most of my shopping and eating will take place, as it is filled with street vendors, restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and KTV. This is also where most of the students have been hanging out.

As far as my bedroom goes, it is about 15 feet by 30 feet, has a double bed, dinner table, desk, night table, closet, and what looks like a China cabinet… My private bathroom is connected to the room, and I am still trying to figure out the proper logistics of using it. Fortunately it is a Western toilet, so I will not have to squat into any holes, but directly next to the toilet is the showerhead. No shower curtain, no barrier on the floor to prevent the water from spreading everywhere, just a drain on the ground. I do have a hot water heater that looks like a propane tank above my head, but it is only connected to the shower and not the sink. From what I have gathered, this is normal in most apartments in China. No traditional kitchen as we are use to, just a single sink used for everything from brushing your teeth to doing the dishes. Even though all of my meals have not cost more the four dollars, I do feel as though I will want to cook occasionally. Another interesting part of my room is the door that is behind the China Cabinet. It leads to a living room with a washer/dryer, TV, furniture and sink. Unfortunately this room is “Off Limits,” as it is only for foreign teachers using my room, students only get one room. I believe English teachers use this room for English Corners, but I am rather confident I will learn that schedule rather quickly.
After buying sheets and pillows for my bed, my room is slowly looking like it will be a comfortable place to relax in. I still could be confusing my dinner table with my bed, as the firmness is about the same. I am not sure if it is because my sleep schedule is still so messed up or I enjoy sleeping on hard surfaces, but my sleeps have been rather pleasant and comfortable. Overall, I am truly not complaining, but rather excited and intrigued by the differences in living settings between the East and West.
Because my laptop does not have an Ethernet port, I am limited to Wi-Fi, a luxury that is not yet offered in my room. After spending a total of seven dollars on the local electronic stores best wireless router, my inability to setup a Wi-Fi network using only Chinese characters prevents me from going further. I will be on the hunt today for a solution in order to stay in contact with home and publish my posts.
It is getting close to seven in the morning, and I think I am going to try to find a place for breakfast. Tomorrow morning I have my mandatory health check at the hospital, so today will consist of a lot of praying that they use sterilization for their needles.
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