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A Memorial Museum in Tashkent!

Tashkent, Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan
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Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. This interesting city has a museum dedicated to the victims of political repression. The Museum of Victims of Political Repression was founded and opened back in 2002 and it is located in a complex with other statues and structures. There's a small entrance fee for this museum. My Uzbek friend had arranged an English tour during our visit which really made the visit better because the English guide highlighted all the important details of each section of the museum. This is a truly sad part of the country's history and the museum highlights it using pictures, audios, clips, and even personal belongings of the repressed. What's interesting is this museum is located right across the Tashkent TV tower. During the construction of the tower, they discovered a mass grave on the site, so they chose to build the memorial right across.
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Uzbekistan Airways National Air Company
Uzbekistan Airways is a great choice flying around the country.
Tashkent International Airport -Terminal 3
Tashkent International airport may be small, but it's easy to navigate.

Culture and experiences

Tashkent Metro is so iconic in the city. Very cheap way to get around this interesting city.
Tillya Sheikh Mosque
This mosque is located in the square and we made a stop here during a rainy day. The details on the mosque's ceilings are so beautiful.
Barakhan Madrasah
The Barakhan Madrasah is nicely laid out and it is one of the places you must visit in Tashkent!
Ko'kaldosh Madrasasi
This is an Islamic school in the Tashkent. The beautiful garden is so inviting.
White Mosque
The White Mosque in Tashkent is famous and very beautiful.


Uzbekistan Hotel
Interesting architectural design of this four star hotel in the capital city.

Points of interest

Tashkent Tower
Tashkent Tower is an iconic structure in the capital city, also close to many attractions.
Skver Im. Amira Temura
This square has some activities at night such as local shows, shops, and some street foods!
Definitely fell in love with this country! The food, people, and culture made the experience so great!
Tashkent is a big city filled with cultural places to check out.


Yapona Mama
Went here for dinner since my friend and I were craving Japanese and sushi. Good and filling, but definitely pricey compared to local foods.
Plov Center
Plov Center is popular among locals specially big groups and gatherings. The Plov is delicious and it is their specialty.


Chorsu Market
Chorsu Market was interesting. Get your haggling skills ready when visiting the market.
The bazaar is famous and also so much to see here.

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