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A Day Seeing the Most Beautiful Ancient Ruin

Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland
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If you love ancient castles, you're going to love this old castle. We visited this castle because it was on our map and the highlight of our trip was definitely seeing the inside and outside of this castle. Even though I'm not a history buff, I would definitely rate this historical landmark as a 5 star for architectural importance! While my clan and I were jacking around going from ancient ruin to ancient ruin we stopped to visit all of the famous sites along the way. While on our day trip around the Ring of Kerry, we missed hitting sheep along the way, seen some old castles and my oldest son was being my navigator was telling me where to turn off the road and I'm really glad I listened at this point in time. I'm not even sure what the name of this ruin is called, however I can tell you that it's located somewhere between the town from Sneem to the town of Killarney. Good luck right! But if memory serves me correctly I can almost bet that it was located around the area at the Ladies View look out point, but I'm not making any promises!Anyway, we jumped out of our rental car and at first we chased a sheep, just for the fun of it. My kids are animals and I might be one too! There were sheep jumping around all over the fields around the ruins! It was definitely a site to see. The only problem with this place was that we had to cross this muddy ravine to get to this ancient site but after we crossed it, I almost cried. I fell in love with this old run down torn up castle. It was truly a work of art. A piece of art that was made a very long time ago. It was the MOST BEAUTIFUL ANCIENT RUIN SITE I HAD EVER SEEN!! Yet there's nothing else to see here except sheep, fields and fences of course! If you can see my second picture that I tagged and if you look closely at the little details, you can see a part of the old brick, cool windows designs and torn up vines crawling all around it. The hole in the middle was cool to see as well. It's all open, with free admission and it lets bright light in from the sky. If I had a time machine, I'd definitely want to live here! It made me feel alive when we were in it looking around. If you ever get a chance to go drive around the Ring of Kerry while looking for old ruins, find this castle on a map, take the time to drive down the crappy one lane roads and go see it. It's totally worth the headache and hassle of getting here!
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Great place to get some wheels to drive. You have to be over a certain age to rent cars here and at the airport you can rent cars from a variety of car rental places and if you plan on staying in Ireland for more than a week or a day, like we did, I suggest you rent a car. We took our rental car to and from our daily road trips and put on more miles than I care to admit. The price to rent a car for 7 days was around $250 Euros. I also recommend getting a smaller rental car because the roads in southern Ireland are very narrow and hard to handle at times.

Culture and experiences

Molls Gap
Molly's Gap is a great place to go hiking for the day. If you like trails you can access several trails from the top at the lookout point. Also great place for kids of all ages, adults and seniors too. My clan went from trail to trail for about one hour. Don't forget to bring a good pair of walking shoes. This area can get very slippery especially after it rains. I only fell down a hole once lol. Overall, great experience! Fun times!
Blackwater Bridge
Blackwater Bridge has some absolutely gorgeous views of the ocean and mountains. From the lookout points located in this small town you can see clear to the middle of Killarney National Forest. If you're looking for things to do and places to take some great photos, I suggest adding this destination to your itinerary.

Points of interest

Ross Castlegrove
The Ross Castle has a beautiful and large park right across the street from Ross Castle that has a large river, boats, and a lovely bridge. Something worth visiting.
Another great place to stop for some great photo opportunities. From here you can see beautiful sites of the mountain sides, valleys and cliffs. Getting to this destination is easily accessible, simply follow the signs that lead you around the Ring of Kerry.
Great place for great views of the ocean and mountains. From this destination you will see some of the most beautiful mountain peaks you will ever seen in your life. Getting to Parknasilla is easy but the roads are kind of scary to drive on. Be on the look out for wandering sheep so you don't run into them.
Great place to stop on the Ring of Kerry! If you're looking for old ancient ruins, you will find some here, but you might have to walk some distance in order to get to it from your car. Kenmare is located close to Killarney and this is one point in town where you need to switch highways.
Sneem is located on the southeastern part of the Ring of Kerry. The sites are amazingly beautiful here. If you look close enough and drive slow enough you can see some old statues and ancient ruins along the by ways here. I highly recommend stopping by the area if you're in the area.

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