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A Boat Ride to Bellagio

Bellagio, Lombardia, Italy
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During our stay in Blevio, near Como, we knew we wanted to see Bellagio, and that we wanted to get a view of the various towns from the water. We took the boat from Como. They have fast boats and slow boats. The fast boats are more expensive and skip a lot of stops. The slow boats cost a bit less and stop at a lot more steps along the lake. We took the slow boat on the way there and the fast boat on the way back. I’m glad that we did one of each. The slow boat is a nice relaxing way to see a lot from the water. We saw George clooneys villa, and a villa that one of the James Bond films was filmed at.
Bellagio is a beautiful little town, with lots of little shops and restaurants. We enjoyed walking up and down the narrow stone streets and looking at the various shops. I’m glad that we took the time to travel to Bellagio and explore it, even if just for a short time.
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Navigazione Lago di Como
The boat stop in Como where you can catch the boats to other towns

Points of interest

Lake Como
Lake Como
Beautiful lake with lots of beautiful towns along it and transportation by boat between the towns


We ate lunch here and it was very good. We got pizza and it was different than the other Italian pizza we had on our trip but it was good

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