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A Blue Comet Hit Murano, #3

Venezia, Veneto, Italy
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We were wandering around the canals of Murano in search of more Murano glass pieces, small pieces, for family and friends and for us to display in our curio at home. We crossed over the main canal and saw a large, bright blue, spiky sculpture in a small square. So we did as all good tourists do, we moved in for some photo ops. It was a little crowded so we waited for our turn to get the pictures. This sculpture was originally created for Christmas in 2007 by Simone Cenedese and has been on display ever since. This is a must see if you are visiting Murano. I hope this story doesn't disappear again.
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Comet Glass Star von Simone Cenedese
Comet Glass Star von Simone Cenedese
You have to see this if you are visiting Murano

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