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A Beautiful Late Summer Drive

Climax, KS, United States
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In my previous story, I wrote about some Trumpet Vines that I saw while driving on a backroad in Southeast Kansas. This gravel road connected the small towns of Fall River and Climax, although most travelers used the blacktop highways that also connect the towns. This favorite backroad of mine was a gravel road, and it was a bit rough in spots. It was a winding drive that went past the Fall River Lake, and crossed the Fall River, Otter Creek, and Honey Creek. The Fall River Bridge was just a modern concrete bridge and nothing to write home about. The Otter Creek and Honey Creek Bridges were historic Pratt Truss bridges that were fun to drive across.

In the years since I made this drive, the Otter Creek Bridge has been demolished and the Honey Creek Bridge has been closed and abandoned. This photograph depicts the Otter Creek Bridge. It illustrates the subtle beauty of a rural Kansas backroad. As these old roads are being modernized, or in some cases abandoned, these scenes are becoming harder to find.
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