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72 Hours in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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It was a great weekend with friends in the "City of Angels". After arriving late on Thursday night, we woke up late and had a delicious breakfast (or lunch?) at Millie's. After stopping at a rooftop bar, we went to see the LA Philharmonic perform with Iceland's best, Sigur Ros. An eventful Friday was followed up by an exploration filled Saturday. A stop by a rooftop bar and a bookstore downtown made us hungry for Korean barbecue--the meal and atmosphere at Aghassi Gopchang were both top-notch. Lots of soju & beer at dinner made for a booze-filled night at Clifton's and a 3:00 AM stop at Fred 62. This all led to a perfect, lazy Sunday. A late breakfast of ice cream & Mexican-French toast at Trois Familia and a stop by Wacko's for souvenirs capped off a perfect weekend before a flight home.
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Bars and nightlife

Casey's Irish Pub
Incredibly priced happy hour with good food options. Oh, and plenty of Jameson.
The Black Cat
Simple but effective beer selection and some very solid snack options.
Clifton's Republic
Tiki drinks behind a hidden mirror, swing dancing and taxidermied animals. Oh, and it's a bar.

Culture and experiences

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Saw Sigur Ros with the LA Philharmonic - amazing show and the sound in the building is perfect.
The Last Bookstore
Great selection of books in a space that was meant to have a bookstore.


Ahgassi Gopchang
Top notch Korean BBQ. Could have been all of the soju and beer, but the pork belly might have been the best I've had in my entire life.
Cafe Tropical
Nothing better than a good Cuban sandwich! The frozen coffee made it feel more like breakfast.
Trois Familia
Strip mall store front and small inside dining space with excellent breakfast options.


Soap Plant / Wacko
Kitschy store with plenty of unique gift options (although mostly for adults).

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