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70 cents Metropolitano ride - clean, quick and cheap

Miraflores, Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Peru
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Visiting Peru's capital city of Lima is not complete without visiting Lima's old historic town but also Miraflores, a modern urban center of Lima on the coast. Lima seems to have traffic problem all the time but there is a quick and extremely inexpensive way to move between two important parts of the city. That is the Metropolitano. There seem to be no subway in Lima, but the Metropolitano is like one. This is a bus but run through the dedicated lane in the center of the highway. So there is no traffic on the Metropolitano. Natrally, you can move so quickly for good distance. I researched before I visited Lima and found this option between old town Lima and new Miraflores. I got an excellent service from a station attendant (the lady was so kind and gentle to explain how to get a ticket despite the language barrier as I spoke only a few Spanish words). The ride was convenient, quick and cheap. There seem to be many Metropolitano lines, so you may want to check as your transportation option if you visit Lima.
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