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4th Wall - RIP?

Bloomfield, NJ, United States
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Growing up, I remember going to see musicals at our local community theater. Living in New York, I love going to Broadway shows and the quality is always amazing, but I still have a love and healthy respect for live theater outside NYC. Recently, we went to see a production from 4th Wall, a theater company in northern New Jersey. We started going last year, when they were using various theaters around the area since the roof of their "home base" was being renovated; unfortunately, now that they've finished the season back in their home base, it's unclear whether they will be able to continue due to the needs of the college that hosts them. Their unclear future is a shame, because their productions have all been wonderfully well done. Even if you can't check out 4th Wall in the coming year, keep your eyes peeled for the local theater wherever you are because it just might be awesome!
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Westminster Arts Center @Bloomfield College
The long-time home of 4th Wall... and many other productions, I am sure!

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