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24 Hours in Singapore!

Singapore, Singapore
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You can do a lot in this city within 24 hours! Getting around is also quite easy with public transportation, but taxi is probably the fastest way to go especially if you only have 24 hours! And cab prices aren’t bad at all!


- Visit the hawker stalls for food! Cheap eats EVERYWHERE!
- Art & Science (spontaneous stop)
- Singapore Marina
- Marina Bay Sands Mall
- Singapore Flyer

(Check out the more detailed tag below!)

You can definitely squeeze in China Town & Little India as well, but I couldn’t get enough of the food plazas so I ended up choosing food over those, lol.
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Changi Airport Singapore
This is a super nice airport! Very modern and huge! It's a wonderful example of what to expect in a country like Singapore!


Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer
Tourist trap or not, the Singapore Flyer is a great way to catch some nice views of Singapore! I got here in the morning and it was not crowded! Before getting to the wheel, you can spend a few minutes in the museum like room to check out some videos and attractions they have on display! Line was short and I was able to score my own capsule, YESSS!!! The capsules are air conditioned so they are comfortable and very easy to move around! Each angle was a postcard worthy portrait waiting to happen! You can spot many of Singapore's iconic attractions as well! Just a fun fact, the Singapore Flyer is the biggest observation wheel in the world (Yes it's supposedly bigger than the London Eye.) The whole ride takes about thirty minutes and I thought it was worth the time, specially if you're in the city for just a few days!
Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay
I would recommend going up the sky-walk for some stunning city views and city lights! The entrance fee to this part of the park is only $5 SGD! I only waited about twenty minutes in line which I didn't mind! While in line I was also able to catch the nightly "light show". The Flower Domes gives a light show performance which syncs to music of all kinds. It was a bit cheesy and nice at the same time! From the top of the sky-walk you'll be able to capture and see the beauty of Singapore! The skyline views were amazing (I kinda wish I did the same thing during the day).


Arton Boutique Hotel
I booked a loft here which was very comfortable! This was my second loft room during my Asia trip and I love it (even though this loft was a lot smaller & more expensive that the loft in Bali Indonesia!). Anyway the location is what won me over here also! There are plenty of food places near by and some are even open 24 hours! There's a food plaza near the property which is only a three minute walk! There's a station nearby for public transport and it's also not too far from Singapore's main tourist attractions!

Points of interest

Marina Bay
Marina Bay
Breathtaking views at every angle! Having gone to Dubai before Singapore.... This Marina reminded me a lot of Dubai's (vice versa! And I have side by side photos taken during my trips to prove it, hah!). Maybe that's why people used to tell me Dubai is the Singapore of the Middle East and Singapore is the Dubai of Asia, lol!
Helix Bridge
Helix Bridge
The Helix Bridge gives easy access to any travelers looking to explore Singapore by foot!!! I went to the Singapore Flyer in the morning and got some delicious lunch near the food plaza! After lunch I wanted to see more of this city, so I walked across the bridge and found myself at the Marina Bay!


Singapore Food Trail
Singapore Food Trail
This food court area is located below the Singapore Flyer! I went here just before lunch time and it was pretty empty. Most of the stands were open at this time so there was quite a bit of selection to choose from! I'd recommend dining at these food plazas when in Singapore since it's a great way to sample some Asian cuisine! (They're pretty much everywhere and some are even open for 24 hours!) I ordered the roasted chicken over rice dish since I was craving it and I wanted to try a legit version besides the ones I've eaten on the plane, lol! Anyway this place is filled with cheap eats!!!! The chicken and rice dish I ordered was under $2USD *good portion and I was able to eat more after my walk to the Marina*!


The Shoppes
Very nice mall in Singapore! Full of luxury shops and there's a huge food area as well! There is also a casino inside the mall! Check it out!

Special activities

ArtScience Museum
This museum stands out compared to the others I've been to! This lotus shape building is definitely an attention seeker so I went here while visiting the Marina Bay Sands! I visited on November 2015, which they hosted two exhibits: "Hermes: Leather Forever" & "The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing The World". Tickets were complimentary. The Hermes exhibit was very eye catching but it was a very quick one for me since I'm not really into it. Nonetheless it was somewhat interesting to see all the leather and colors incorporated for this product! On the other hand, I really liked the Nobel Prize exhibit! There were lots of inspiring information from beginning to end! It also highlights very influential individuals from around the world! From what I heard they worked really hard on bringing this exhibit to Singapore, so it was nice to see it myself! Some of the displays were interactive as well which I liked!

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