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24 Hours in Paris

Paris, IDF, France
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My close friend and I got into Paris at 8p one evening just in time to enjoy dinner and to check into our hostel before catching a few hours of sleep. We woke up the next day and had one whirlwind day/evening spent taking in as much of the city as we possibly could, and then left the following morning on a flight to Spain at 10a.

In the one day we had there, we were sure to experience Notre Dame (one of the most breathtaking experiences if you go during a church service), the Louvre (after a certain hour admission was FREE! Could've spent days in there...), and of course the Eiffel Tower (Great views! It's even larger than I imagined). As we both had little to none capabilities in speaking French, conversing with waiters was a difficult feat and we ended up eating crepes for most meals (the Nutella crepes you can buy from street vendors are life changing!). We visited the bridge outside of the Notre Dame famous for all of the locks covering its entire length and added our own, and made sure to walk alongside the Seine for a good length, as well as the Tuileries Gardens. It was easily the most magical day I've ever spent traveling, and I cannot wait to find the time to go back to the beautiful city of Paris to delve more fully into its treasures.
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Caulaincourt Square Hostel
Very affordable compared to other Parisian hostels, and quaint! Not a luxury option but I loved it! Much appreciated wi-fi and nice bathrooms (we had a room with a private bath)! We had a BEAUTIFUL window view in the morning when the sun rose!

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