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The World's Best Summer Festivals

Guest Blogger

The World's Best Summer Festivals

Kristen Bateman




If you're planning a trip to an international destination, why not enhance the experience by including a summer festival in your plans? There's a festival for almost every interest, budget and location. Here are seven great options in Europe and Asia.


Midnight Sun Film Festival, Sodankylä, Finland

From June 12-16, the Midnight Sun Film Festival spotlights new works from filmmakers around the world, as well as masterpieces of cinema. The name of the festival references the endless daylight, as the sun shines 24 hours a day in Sodankylä, located two hours northeast by car from Lapland's capital, Rovaniem. When you need a break from filmgoing, you can relax in the sauna, visit a church dating to 1689 or catch live music at a pub.


Art Basel, Switzerland

At Switzerland's prestigious Art Basel, over 4,000 international artists exhibit their work from June 13-16. Bringing together major talent from all over the world, the event also will include artist talks, a curated slate of films and a marketplace of art books and magazines.


World Bodypainting Festival, Wörthersee, Austria

For a different (and very colorful) take on art, visit Lake Wörthersee, Austria, from July 11-13 for the what's billed as the world's largest body painting festival. The event features a range of musical and other performances — all surrounded by people decked out in body paint from head to toe. Also on the agenda is the world championship of body painting (with categories such as airbrush, special effects and installation art) and side competitions for makeup artists, amateurs and photographers.




Træna Festival, Helgeland, Norway

Location is everything for the July 11-14 Træna Festival, which shines a spotlight on Scandinavian musical talent in a remote — and scenic — fishing village. You have to take a public boat or private ferry from the mainland to access the event, which presents performances in such offbeat locations as an ancient cave and a church with blacked-out windows (to block the midnight sun).


Festival Fringe, Edinburgh, Scotland

Billed as the world's largest arts festival, Festival Fringe, runs from Aug. 2-26 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Expect a dizzying array of shows — over 55,000 performances in total — ranging from comedy and theatrical storytelling to music and dance. The performances take place in over 300 different venues, which means you can catch ballet in a garden, a stand-up comic in a crowded bar, or a singer-songwriter in an art studio.


Yaga Gathering, Varena, Lithuania

From Aug. 15-19, fans of trance music will trek to Yaga Gathering, positioned in a clearing in Ežeraitis Forest, at the edge of Spengla Lake in the Varėna District of southern Lithuania. The event features major DJs and musical acts, as well as chill-out sessions and yoga. The festival also puts an emphasis on sustainability — many of the set designs are biodegradable, and there are talks and workshops on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.




Taste of Tokyo, Japan

You can wrap up your summer on a tasty note at Taste of Tokyo 2019 (Tokyo Aijiwai Fest), which will be presented from Sept. 20 -22. Organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with the goal of promoting local cuisine and food products, the fest will showcase over 50 vendors offering a taste of everything from sushi to sake to mochi.




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