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Quality vs. Quantity Content - Terms Revisions


Hi all,


In order to make the Travel Community the best resource possible, our moderation team has updated a few areas of our site Terms of Use to include more detail regarding violation items like ‘irrelevant content’ and ‘repetitive content’. We have also updated the story detail policy limiting the number of additional details added per story to 10.


It has come to our attention that a large number of stories this year violate site Terms of Use as irrelevant and/or repetitive content. We have also seen the details feature taking advantage of stories posted. 


This type of story content diminishes the value of our community as a place to share tips and access quality travel resources.


An existing resource we highly recommend members reference as a guide to creating stories going forward is the community Best Of. Stories highlighted in this section focus on quality travel content and give other members unique information that they may not be able to find elsewhere. Think of yourself as a travel blogger when writing stories, sharing the best possible tips that would help others plan trips.   


Our moderation team will continue to remove stories that fall under the irrelevant or repetitive content violation. Continued violations by a community member will result in that member being banned.


Thank you! If you have any questions related to your stories, please feel free to contact us at



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Hi Bethany.


Thanks for posting this clarified policy. I do have a couple of questions, which others might have as well. Thus, I would like to ask them here if that is permissable. If not, I will delete this comment and send an e-mail.


1. Is it okay to list the subject of the story in the details in order to tag it on a map? I have done this a few times - especially when the attraction is very hard to find or not within city limits. (ie, would it be okay to write an article about a small out of the way local restaurant and then list the restaurant in the details so that it plots correctly on the map?). I think that this is a useful tactic - as opposed to just being a way to accumulate an extra 10 miles per story.


2. Will we be notified if one of our stories is found to be in violation of the policy? I would certainly appreciate being notified if I inadvertently violate the Terms of Use so that I can avoid doing so in the future. 


Thanks again for keeping us posted. I hope that this community continues to be a great source of travel information.


Hi @BelfryBat  thanks for your post, we always appreciate your efforts to make the Travel Community such a great resource! 


In terms of detail content, your strategy is fine; whatever 10 story details you feel represent and expand upon your story best! We are aiming to minimze duplicate details and things that would evidently violate irrelevant content terms (ex: land marks on your way to a location like trees or bus stops, chain restaurants such as Burger King, areas in an airport, etc.)


If multiple stories violate Terms of Use, our moderation team will send the Travel Community member an email outlining the stories violating terms. 


Thank you!

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Hi Bethany: Thank you for your detailed reply. This gives me a better idea of what I need to avoid.
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@bethanyM Thank you for this update! I think it's a great idea for the community to highlight quality stories under "BEST OF" section.


I was just wondering if community members get extra kudos for having their stories labeled and featured under "BEST OF" section. I think that's a great way to encourage more quality stories :)

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BethanyM, Thank you for the information and clarification on the new updates.  I have seen and I'm sure others have seen many violations of these rules.  Hopefully the violators will take note of the new updates.  Thankyou for everything you all do.  One thing, I know as members get up there in numbers of stories posted it is sometimes difficult to remember if they had done a story on a perticular topic and without malice, they do another story.  I'm going to guess that if that happens on rare occasions they will not be bansihed from this community.  Keep up the good work.

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