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Places to Sightsee Solo

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 While traveling is generally done as a duo, sometimes, through circumstances or just the pure desire to test one's traveling chops, a traveler decides to hit the road solo. Luckily there are some safe and fascinating destinations that give a particularly warm welcome to the unaccompanied adventurer. Here's a list of destinations for solo sightseeing this summer.


Norway's Fjords

If you're looking for singular beauty that will leave you speechless the UNESCO-protected landscape of Norway's Fjords should be at the top of your list. You can kayak, book a boat tour or go for a hike to take in the rugged beauty up-close and personal. If you're feeling fit and looking for an unforgettable experience you can even try a multi-day hike and kayaking tour (like those offered by Nordic Ventures). Solo travelers will feel at ease visiting the rest of the country too; an excellent transportation system makes it easy to get around and the country got a high rating for safety from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Better Life Index.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Much like Norway, Canada is famous for its low crime and friendly folk (what is it about those northern climes?). While Canada offers many wonderful choices for single globe-trotters, if you want to see a slightly more exotic side of the vast country, you'll want to check out Montreal. The vibrant city is rich in atmosphere, history, cultural attractions and incredible cuisine. One of the best ways to mingle with locals and discover the less toursited area of the magical metropolis is by taking a locally-lead bike or food tour (Spade & Palacio's and Fitz & Folwell's are popular) that lets you see another side of the city in the company of new friends and fellow travelers.


Savannah, Georgia, USA

Few American cities evoke a sense of charm and mystery as much as Savannah, Georgia. Add to that some good old-fashioned Southern hospitality and you've got a recipe for a stellar solo adventure. The central historic area—with its horse-drawn carriages and pre-Civil War architecture— is nicely condensed and you can see many sites on foot. Savannah is also known for its picturesque parks overflowing with massive oaks and Spanish moss. What makes Savannah especially appealing for those traveling alone is the additional sightseeing options on the dozens of idyllic islands (aptly called the Golden Isles) all within an easy hour's drive. On St. Simons Island, treat yourself to a warm welcome and filling meal at ECHO at The King and Prince resort, it's the only oceanfront restaurant on the island.


Bangkok, Thailand

Is there something about an abundance of sun and surf that makes a populace so fabulously friendly? Ponder this question first-hand by heading to sun-soaked Thailand. Bangkok attracts people of all ages and backgrounds – many of whom are traveling alone—who enjoy a few days in the capital before heading to the beaches. It has a fascinating mix of temples, markets and even a snake farm (where you can see a live demonstration of how venom is extracted). The country also has the added benefit of being one of the cheaper places to travel and therefore can be a good choice for the budget conscious.


Kyoto, Japan

One of the nicer aspects about traveling solo is that it gives you a lot of time for self-discovery and the chance to enjoy your own company and there are few better places in the world to pause and reflect than in Kyoto. For over 1000 years this picturesque city was the imperial capital of Japan and it has an astonishing collection of temples, parks, shrines and pagodas that encourage contemplation. Furthermore, the Japanese are renowned for their unerring politeness and low crime, making it an especially safe, as well as serene, solo escape. Enjoy the culture up close by taking a cooking class or learn the art of calligraphy at Calligraphy Kyoto.


Buffalo, New York

Until recently Buffalo may not have been on many traveler's bucket lists of places to travel alone or otherwise, but recently the city has undergone a transformation and proven itself to be a treasure trove for travelers. There's no risk or feeling lonely or bored when you have so many easily accessible sightseeing options, including Frank Lloyd Wright-designed architecture, world-class art galleries like Albright–Knox and a vibrant waterfront area. It's also no exaggeration to say that the food scene is one of the hottest in the country. So chow down and relish the chance to order a dessert without someone trying to steal a bite.


*All content provided in this blog is supplied by Sandra MacGregor and is for informational purposes only. Barclaycard makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the blog or found by following any link within this blog.


Image credit: Shutterstock and Tourism Montreal 

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