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Now Is the Perfect Time to Create Travel Memories

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If you love, love, love to travel, it's hard to be grounded even when it's for your own and everyone else's health. The positive side to remaining at home is that it gives you time to look back at your travels and commemorate your favorite trips.


Here are some tips and tricks for celebrating your vacation memories and anticipating your next trip all from the safety of your own home:

Start by Sorting
Before digital cameras and phones made film obsolete, you had to be selective about taking photos, since you had to print them to see what you captured. But with (almost) unlimited space on your phone, you can snap now and cull later. Well, the time is now to go through all your image, delete the ones you don't want and filter the ones you do.


You can also upload photos to the cloud and take them off your devices. Not only will it make all your DIY photo projects a whole lot easier, it will save space for future travels.


Create Virtual Albums
Now that you have edited your photos, you can sort them into virtual albums. You can organize by trip or year or take a more creative approach. Since most phones have facial recognition, you can employ a sort" function by searching for a certain family member or regular travel companion and create an album. Then you can set up a slideshow and make that next Zoom friend or family meeting more fun (especially since you have a captive audience.)


You can also improve your photo editing skills set and find new ways to share images by using one of these apps.

Print Them
Printing images is an essential step if you want to create traditional photo albums and scrapbooks or try another DIY project. If you don't have a photo printer at home or a dedicate phone photo printer, you can upload your photos to a drug store or site like Walgreen's or Shutterfly and order prints by email.


DIY Coffee Table
If you've been wanting a new coffee table, nightstand or end table because yours is scratched or old, instead you can cover it with your favorite photos or even use postcards. Some DIY projects recommend you glue pics to the table and cover it with glass, but if you're home-bound, you can just shellac with Modge-Podge and then seal with a varnish. Now you can feel like you're taking a virtual trip every time you sit down to eat.


Create Photo Gifts
Every website that prints photos also offers photo gifts: calendars, placemats, mousepads, you name it.


Why wait for the holidays to reach out to loved ones? Instead, you can take one photo with an evergreen message Thinking of You" or Miss You" and send it to all your close friends and family.


Dream Your Travel Dreams
Maybe you can't go anywhere right this minute, but you still have your imagination. Now is the perfect time to plan your ideal vacation. Always wanted to tour the French countryside by bike? Attend space camp? Ski the alps? You can earmark a destination and potential deals for when it's safe to travel again.


Better yet, take out all those magazines piling up in your rack and start clipping. Make a travel dream board to hang up in your bedroom or home office. Look at it right before you go to sleep and when you wake up. By the time you can actually travel, you'll be more than ready to go.



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