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June is LGBT Pride Month!

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unnamed.jpgJune is LGBT Pride Month! While some Pride events have already passed, the majority of celebrations are held this month to commemorate the anniversary of the New York City Stonewall Rebellion in June of 1969. These marches and gatherings serve to recognize the history of the LGBT movement, its advances, struggles and its community. In addition to the New York City Pride week, celebrated June 21- 28, below is a list of a few Pride events happening across the country this year.

Chicago             June 28                 

St. Louis            June 28                 

Tacoma             July 11                                   

Philadelphia       June 14                 

Charleston         July 25 – Aug 1      

Hershey PA        July 25                  

San Diego          July 18                  

New Orleans      June 20                 

Williamsburg      Sep 12                             

Flagstaff AZ       June 27                

Are you planning to attend any Pride events this year or have you attended in the past? Share your experience below or post your Travel Story! Here are some of our favorite LGBT & Pride Travel Stories posted in the community. 


Barclaycard is committed to the sponsorship of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and their equal rights. We respect and value the LGBT community and work to maintain an open and inclusive environment at our company.


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You left Milwaukee off your list. It is one of the largest Pride events in the country. 3 days of Pridefest on the city's permanent festival grounds. There are multiple stages with performances all day and night, including many nationally/internationally knownl acts, as well as a huge dance pavilion every night of the festival. Milwaukee may be a small city, but PrideFest is not. There are not many places where the even lasts for 3 days, and there is so much going on all in the name of Pride. Check it out. This year the celebration begins on June 5th and ends on the 7th.
Nationally Recognized
Thanks, @h-and-c !
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