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Haunted Happenings & Frightful Fun

Nationally Recognized

Happy Halloween, everyone! To celebrate, we've selected a few scary stories from our Community! 


HauntinginSavannah.jpgHaunting in Savannah
"Savannah is a beautiful city filled with history, culture, and stories of ghosts. Old cobblestone streets top ancient cemeteries and burial grounds to make this city be known as one of the most haunted places in the us. The night life intermingles with tour guides telling stories of the drama surrounding this city."



"Orlando has a ghost tour (Orlando Ghost Tours).  And for years, people around central Florida would drive to Cassadaga, a cute little town that is filled with spiritualists, mediums, and psychics, for a little spooky adventure.  They have their own "Spirit Tours" this time of year." - apt2roam




Scariest Hotel in the Rockies

"The Stanley Hotel, nestled high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, was the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King's The Shining. While I personally did not experience any otherworldly phenomena, many guests have... the eerie quiet at night definitely made me understand how it could have spooked even Stephen King!"



"I just went to the Bates Motel in Pennsylvania because Eastern State Penitentiary was booked solid. I thought is was pretty good! They offer three attractions - haunted hayride, maze and house. Worth checking this out if you're in the area." - LQuinn



WhaleyHouse.jpgThe Whaley House - Most Haunted House in the US?
"The Whaley House is often called the most haunted house in America, due to the very frequent sightings by staff and visitors alike. There are many different spirits that are said to haunt the home and appear in a variety of ways- by touch, sound, moving objects, perfume and smoke smells, and of course, the apparition of the figures themselves."



Have you been to any famous haunted landmarks? What was your experience? Leave a comment on the blog or feel free to add to our Discussion Thread here

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