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Great Getaways: London, UK

Nationally Recognized

In the spirit of our Great Getaway Giveaway Sweepstakes, we’re celebrating Great Getaways. Our second destination: London, England and the surrounding area. Grab a cuppa and cozy up with 10 of our Community picks!

London 1.jpgThe Ultimate London Guide
"One of the world's undisputed Alpha cities, London provides the endless bustle of a New York or Tokyo, but with a distinguished English character all its own. From the posh and refined blocks of Kensington and Chelsea to the hip up-and-coming neighborhoods on the East Side, London neighborhoods are packed with character around every corner."

London 2.jpgSomething for Everyone in London
"Visited London for 6 days in July 2014 with husband and two kids, 14 and 12. Definitely too short... Such a beautiful city with easy to use subway system, easy to understand the language and so much to do you can't possibly be bored. One of my all time favorite destinations."


London3.jpgBorough Market - Don't Go Hungry!
"I was staying with friends and this was a great alternative to eating out. The market is located on Southwark Street and Borough High Street. It’s easy to get to and it’s is in close walking distance to several other great places to visit."

London 10.jpg
The British Invasion - Reversed
"The hop on hop off double-decker bus is a smart way to see the city, we explored the Tower of London, did a boat tour too as both were discounted as we purchased the hop on bus ticket that same day."

London5.jpgFresh Air
"Kew Gardens is the perfect mini escape, as it's a quick tube ride from the city. Once you're ensconced in the greenery, flowers, fresh air, sun, and wildlife it feels like you've escaped the hustle and bustle without having to commit to a full day trip."

London6.jpgDo Not Miss This While in London
"London has so much to see and do that you will need, at a bare minimum, 3 days, but 4 or 5 would be better so you would not feel too rushed."




London7.jpgTower Bridge at Night
"The view on the bridge is good but the best views are when you can see the entire bridge. There are many restaurants along the river as well (opposite the Tower of London) so it is a great place to walk and eat."

London8.jpgMind the Gap
"The city is beautiful, well maintained, and everyone seems friendly. Most of the must see areas are close to the Buckingham Palace and everything is accessible by public transportation."


HP.jpgMerry Ol England

"My fiance and I went exploring all over London... Since I'm a major Harry Potter geek, we went to Leavesden Studios where it was filmed to check out an exhibit there."





Untitled-1.jpgTower of London

"This is my favorite monument anywhere! We had such an incredible tour throughout the grounds and it was partially guided."






London bonus.jpgAs a bonus, we loved this bright image of the London Eye as captured by ChristineUrban! For more on the London Eye, we also suggest govevich's post here


Nationally Recognized
Hampton Court, not technically in London, is a boat ride or train trip away. It is one of the best preserved palaces from the Tudor period, with beautiful gardens, typical Tudor 16th C. architecture, and a Grand Hall with the painting of Henry VIII with his family. It is said that his fourth wife, Katherine Howard (who lost her head literally) haunts the gallery. There is a completely accurate kitchen area, where you can see how the palace was run and some of the dishes that were served to the royal family.
Nationally Recognized
Sounds like a definite "must see" while in the London area! Thank you @ProfFrancesca!
City Slicker
Another "must see": the Greenwich Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory. An easy reach from central London if you take Docklands Light Rail and a short walk afterwards. The Prime Meridian--the zero point of world time--was first established in the early 1850s, and travelers to Greenwich can stand with a foot in each hemisphere and pose for photos on the prime meridian for a small fee. It's an interesting nexus of science and cultural audacity, as well, because it's near the Cutty Sark, a well preserved tea clipper ship of the 1870s, and it's at the Royal Observatory. International shipping was one of the major reasons for regularizing how world time would be determined; British scientific and cultural prestige led most other countries to adopt GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) over the next few decades.
Nationally Recognized
Thanks for the tip @mrmeyers67!
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