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Going to the World Cup? What to Know About Shopping in Brazil

County Wise

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I went to the World Cup in Germany in 2006 and you can read my travel story here. It was an unbelievable experience and, outside of the Olympics, one of the few times people from around the world come together to celebrate sport and life. It’s an exhilaration you can never shake. Not that you’d want to.


If you’re headed to Brazil to experience the excitement, there is no doubt you’ll have some “down time” to shop. We turned to TrueCurrency, an expert in pricing of goods around the world, to tell us what product categories are a good bargain, and what product categories to avoid. TrueCurrency looks at specific brands and products and compares prices between countries. The goal is to find out what to shop for when you are traveling abroad. So what do they say about shopping or products in Brazil versus the US?


The bottom line is that shopping in Brazil is generally more expensive than in the United States. None of the product categories tracked by TrueCurrency reveal a price advantage in Brazil compared to the U.S. on average. See the category disadvantages below. The percentages indicate how much more expensive these categories are in Brazil on average than in the U.S.


truecurrency brazil.jpg


If you are going to shop, then men’s watches and sunglasses appear to be the closest to the U.S. from a price perspective. And there are some individual products that we have found that can be good buys in Brazil.

Let’s examine Men’s watches, for example, as of the date of this blog –


Men’s Watches – Brazil compared to US


truecurrency menwatch.png


For the average watch buyer the Casio Edifice appears to be the best deal. You should be able to save approximately 37%, or $86, buying that product in Brazil.


If you are a high end shopper The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner appears to be the best deal at approximately 30% lower in Brazil than in the U.S.


In looking at other product categories we found:


For Women’s sunglasses, like Dior Ever, you should be able to save approximately 23% in Brazil compared to in the U.S.


Women’s Sunglasses – Brazil compared to US


truecurrency womenwatch.jpg













 Even for products that are significantly more expensive in Brazil, like Women’s Watches, the opportunity exists for a deal. The Roberto Cavalli Spike Gold Plated Dress Bracelet Watch can be found for less than BRL 1,640, which would be a better deal than in the US (at the time of this article’s posting).


Women’s Sunglasses – Good deals in Brazil compared to US


truecurrency womenwatch cavalli.jpg








 And if you find yourself buying too much stuff and need some extra luggage for the return trip, there may be a bargain or two available. Even though luggage is generally 52% more expensive in Brazil according to the products we surveyed, the Crumpler Wheeled Duffle Bag was approximately 47% less expensive there, and could be a good option.


According to our travel cost index Brazil is generally a less expensive destination than New York City (not accounting for airfare), but shopping appears to  be an exception. If you are in Brazil for the World Cup be sure to soak in the fusion of local and global culture, enjoy the games and tell us your travel story when you get back!

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Stately Explorer
You should definitely not buy the perfume sold on street markets, you are not getting whatever the label says. Electronics are another thing you don't want to purchase in Brazil. The one thing I would highly recommend buying down there is fruit, try as much as you can as much of it you won't find up here. Also, stock up on Cachaca while down there, the R$5 ($3) 51 costs $18-20 in Chicagoland. If you're looking for something that will last longer, my wife found some good deals on semi-precious stones and rocks. In Sao Paulo, my wife really liked Legep Mineração Ltda. They sold many different stones from cheap to really expensive 3 foot tall geodes. We also found a nice store in Ubatuba
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