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Gift Guide for Travelers

Guest Blogger

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What do you get the person who…always wants to be somewhere else? The only gifts your world-traveling friends and family want are those that make their journeys better. And because all voyagers are as different as the places they visit, they appreciate thoughtful finds at every price point.


The Glam Traveler

The glam traveler goes about in style and doesn't actually need much – so it's nice to give them something from their “want” guide 1.jpgA Coordinates Open Cuff or Charm Necklace in silver or gold lists her travel coordinates – her favorite faraway spot, aspirational adventure, or even home – to remind her where to come back to. ($65* and $59*.)


The traveling prince could be bruised by a pea in the most luxurious locales, so give him a set of traveling sheets from Dreamsack – a sleeping liner made of 100% silk, to keep him warm in cold weather and cool in warm climes. A pair of matching silk eyeshades completes the look ($28*).


This gorgeous, Italian-made leather toiletry/makeup bag ($60-$80*) will impress any classy traveler. Slightly less classy is this leather fanny pack ($207*) – but if he's going to wear one, it may as well be this.



The Techie Traveler

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Some people go traveling to get off the grid, but techies still need to stay connected everywhere they go.


You won't find this techie crouched at the airport hogging an outlet to power up. That's because you've gifted G-RO's charging carry-on ($374*) with dual USB charging ports and a removable battery pack, and their luggage locator ($75*) to help you keep an eye on your bag.


Every techie needs to be organized (don't we all?). This stylish vegan leather tech organizer will handle chargers, earphones and powerbanks. ($78*.) But you can still get the job done on a budget with this travel media pouch ($24.99*) – and once you're at your hotel, try this ultra-charging station with a six-outlet power strip. ($49.99*.) Speaking of organization – what's the point of flying if you can't use your technology comfortably? Help these tech travelers with the air hook, which will help them mount their electronic devices and cup. Keep your folding tray for a meal, instead.



The Fit Outdoorsy Traveler

Fit travelers don't let jet lag get in the way of their workouts or enjoyment of nature. They need gifts that will help them see the world at their own fast pace.


Send them on their way with The Fit Kit, a portable pack that includes exercise cords, tubing, a jump rope, resistance bands, anchors and even a reflective arm band to go exploring at night. Also included is a six-week workout plan and videos to get started ($39.99*).


No one wants their smelly exercise clothes to take over their luggage. This One-Stop Workout Bag has different compartments for clean and dirty clothes, an interior pouch for sneakers, small pockets for clean and worn socks or underwear, and a place for your water bottle. Speaking of – every fitness fiend should travel with Nomader's Collapsible Water Bottle. It's leak-proof, BPA-free, and folding ($21.99*).


gift guide 3.jpg


Gift the wanderer Mighty, the first device to play Spotify on the go without a smartphone – it stores music offline, is drop- and water-resistant and is tiny.


Stay in touch on the slopes or in the mountains or even on a boat with Motorola Talkabout T605 H20 two-way radiosThey float and are waterproof too!



The Frugal Traveler

Most of us, at one point in our lives, were frugal travelers. And some make it a
lifestyle. It’s the only way they can afford to check off their bucket list. Obviously, they need stuff, too.


Hostels can be fun and friendly, but they’re not always the cleanest places. Gift some Shower Pill Body Wipes – an  extra-thick disposable anti-bacterial wipe that works like a washcloth when there's no shower.


Some travelers don't even have a hostel, preferring to camp or couch crash wherever. The Nap Anywhere Travel Pillow is a portable head-support pillow developed specifically by a physician for frequent travelers.


If hostels and hotels aren’t your thing, try the book, How to Become a Housesitter, which shares tips about traveling around the world – for free!



The International Jetsetter

We all like to think we're international jetsetters, but here's how you can tell if
someone really is.


Gift them the Scratch-Off World Map, where you scratch off the upper gold layer of any place they've been – and see if they can get to all 10,000 places ($35*).gift guide 4.jpg


Some people hold not one but two passports. Just-Go's All-in-One Passport wallet will hold almost everything including boarding passes, six credit cards, SIM cards and even a SIM card ejector pin. ($48*.)


This universal travel adapter is compatible in more than 150 countries and is ultra compact, folding flatter than other adapters on the market.


International travel is a mindset, really. And how better to get into it than by reading – LAGOM: The Swedish Secret of Living Well, an ultimate cheat sheet into understanding Swedish culture.



Travel with Kids

Like anything involving kids, traveling is all about preparation. Help parents make their young ones world weary with these great gifts.


How many diapers to bring? Onesies? Sheets – OMG you need sheets? Don't worry, if you give mom Pack Right luggage, it will let her know. This lightweight, 12-piece set is a travel tote with labels on each of the separate compartments for toys, food and even laundry.  It will be good until the kids can carry their own suitcases. ($89.99*)


Anticipation is half the fun of travel, and if you buy a kid (from 3-9) a subscription to Little Passports, they’ll get monthly kits that include travel boxes, maps, books and stickers (subscriptions from $12.95* a month).

gift guide 5.png


Before you anesthetize the kids with electronics, consider packing some fun toys like a reusable chalk art color book ($26*) or Insta-Snow – making it a white holiday season no matter where you are.



Remember, many travelers don't want things at all – not even luggage! Gift them a rent-a-luggage gift card, which ships luggage, hiking gear, and travel sports equipment so you don't have to buy it. Or, for your really adventurous friends and family, gift Cluventure's interactive travel game – where the company designs custom-made trips but they don't tell you where you're going! Instead they use clues to get people to their destinations.


These travelers have already learned that it's not goods that make us happy but experiences, especially with loved ones.




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