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Earning Participation Miles on the Barclaycard Travel Community

County Wise

I’ve posted a few of my travel stories on this website, and I’ve found the experience rewarding, and not just because I was going to earn Participation Miles (more on that in a minute). Posting a story was a pleasant walk down memory lane. It’s kind of like listening to a good song you haven’t heard in a long time. The music brings back memories from that time in your life (and hopefully in a pleasant way!). We designed the Barclaycard Travel Community with that experience in mind. At the end of telling your story you will have remembered things about your trip that you might otherwise have forgotten and you’ll also have a document of that trip that you can revisit. Plus, if it’s written well, other people can share that experience and learn more about the place you visited.


But enough of the warm and fuzzy, and back to earning miles for your participation in this community! The purpose of this blog is to dig in to how that works. So let’s get started. Registered members of the community can earn miles for 3 activities; completing a travel profile, posting a travel story (with at least 1 image) and having your story “kudoed” by other registered members.


***Updated September 7, 2017***


***Update October 28, 2015: We want to make sure that stories posted in the community are helpful to other members who are researching and reading these posts. In order to do that, we are asking for a minimum of 100 words to describe each story you post.***

Update December 23rd, 2013: We want to make sure that stories posted in the community are helpful to other members who are researching and reading these posts. In order to do that, we are asking for a minimum of 50 words to describe each story you post.


You will earn 500 miles for completing a profile and including the following information:

  1. - Creating a username
  2. - Giving us your email address (so we can tell you how many miles you’ve earned as well as update you on the latest community news; your email address will not be sold)
  3. - Entering your home town ('where you currently live')
  4. - Selecting at least one travel interest
  5. - Selecting at least one travel companion
  6. - Selecting at least one travel style
  7. -Telling us 5 places you’ve been to

Telling us where you’ve traveled will hopefully spur you on to share your stories about those trips. Selecting the travel interests, companions and styles will allow us to provide you content on our homepage that is tailored to you. Sound good? 


Update (4/11/2014):

You will earn 150 miles for telling a travel story.

Up to five (5) travel stories can be posted for an individual City, State, Country.


To earn your 150 miles, be sure to share your travel story with at least a 50 100 word description, select a few basic travel descriptions, upload at one at least unique and great pic from the trip, and provide more savory details about what you saw, where you ate and stayed. At the bottom of your story we will map out your trip so you can see the path you traveled. Give it a try and give us feedback about the experience in the discussion forums. Here is a blog with tips on how to write a great travel story.


Updage 4/11/2014:

Each detail added to a travel story using the map will earn 10 miles per detail.


You will earn 10 miles every time your story is kudoed:


We want to encourage great storytelling, and who better to assess great stories than your fellow travelers?! If someone likes your story and gives you a kudo for it we will add 10 miles to your account. We also encourage you to click on stories you like to reward the storytellers. Just click on the heart at the top of the detailed story or at the bottom of the story summary. Just note that, you will not earn 10 miles for kudos of story details or images.


Those are the three ways you can earn miles within this community. You can view your “Lifetime Participation Miles” total in your Travel Profile. Miles are updated every day on this page for the previous day’s activity.If you are a Barclaycard Arrival™ World or Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite Mastercard® cardholder, your Participation Miles will be displayed on your monthly statement and will be transferred over to your account on the first of every month for the previous month’s activity. Community members will also receive an email alert that summarizes personal Participation Miles activity. And, on a monthly basis, we will send all community members a Barclaycard Travel Community newsletter that highlights great stories, helpful blogs and popular discussion topics. To learn more about how Participation Miles are updated on the community site and in your Arrival account (if applicabl....


A couple of important things I’d like to point out. You don’t have to be a Barclaycard Arrival cardmember to join the community and earn miles. However, the rewards for those miles are only intended for members residing in the United States. Also, community members who are Barclaycard Arrival™ World or Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite Mastercard® cardmembers must link their account at the Barclaycard servicing site ( in the Account Settings area. This is how we will know you are a Barclaycard Arrival cardmember. Why is that important?  Because the value of miles are different for Barclaycard Arrival cardmembers and members who are not cardmembers. For more information on How To Link Your Travel Community Profile, click here.


For those of you who are not Barclaycard Arrival cardmembers, the miles you earn will be automatically redeemed for an eGiftcard from a list of four major retailers. The $5 can only be utilized within the United States. Barclaycard Arrival™ World or Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite Mastercard® cardholders will have the miles added to their Barclaycard Arrival account once per month and the miles will be shown as “Participation Miles” on the monthly billing statement.


Phew, I think that’s it. I encourage you to check out the detailed disclosure for this program here.


I look forward to reading your stories on the Barclaycard Travel Community. I know I’ve enjoyed writing mine and the trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do. And I hope the miles you earn will jump start your next travel story.

Nationally Recognized
Hi @jhhssuu - it looks like you still need to add 5 places you have been to your travel map under your Profile > My Travels. Hope this helps!
Stately Explorer
Hello Kati,
I just set up my account and posted my first travel story in the community, but I haven't seen any participation points posted on my account. Please check for me, thank you!
City Slicker
Hi! I have completed my profile few days ago but i don't see the 500 miles credited. how long does it usually take for the miles to be credited? Thanks.
Nationally Recognized
Hi @therequiem, I've notified our vendor about the issue as you are right - the stories are not reflected in your community account correctly. Thanks for letting us know.
Nationally Recognized
@wander_wonder - I am seeing the 500 Miles in your community account. If you have linked your community account to your card, these miles will be transferred at the end of the month.
County Wise
Are the participation miles same as regular miles? Say can you redeem 2500 participation miles for 25$ worth of travel? Also, how do I complete my travel account profile, no matter how much information I add to my profile, it doesn't show as complete.
County Wise
Any chance an app will be developed? Would be great to share experiences while I'm on vacation and not have to wait until I get home (I don't always have my computer with me when I travel).
Nationally Recognized
Thanks @zngrdnzr - we're in the middle of planning some BIG enhancements for the community! Stay tuned!
Internationally Known

Thank you for the description. I hope it all works out. 

City Slicker
This is very helpful. Thanks
Stately Explorer

Hello, I joined the community a few days ago and I see my 500 miles for my profile set up, but I have also uploaded 2 travel stories and gotten some kudos for these stories.  I don't see any miles for the stories posting to my account, just the 500 profile miles.  Please advise if there is something else I need to do!!

County Wise

Hello, I have completed my profile, told a story, received a kudos days ago, and I still don't have any miles showing up on my about page. Anyone having the same problem?

Nationally Recognized

Miles haven't been updating online since 11/14.  It's a known issue.  Check current thread under All things Community

Internationally Known

How do we see what other users have kudoed our stories? In my notifications, it just says, "(username) and 2 others have kudoed your story." After visiting this story, I click the kudoes button to see which users have liked it, but nothing happens. I'd like to pass along the goodwill and kudo their stories, too, but am unable to if I can't see who it is.

City Slicker

I just posted my first travel story Jared, thank you for making this so clear!



City Slicker

I have never earned any participation miles at all. My story was even kudoed 3 times yet my total balance is a big fat 0. 

County Wise

Getting ready to add many more travel stories!

City Slicker

excited to be apart of the community and share all my travel advice and stories. stay tuned! 

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