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Copenhagen in Winter

Guest Blogger

Great Places to Visit in Winter: Copenhagen, Denmark

David Johnston


Winter can be a hard time to visit Europe, thanks to short days and the chance of bitingly cold weather. But there are some European destinations that actually thrive at this time of year. Copenhagen is surely one. This majestic Scandinavian capital city seems to take winter in stride and actually embrace everything the season has to throw at it.


Even though cold weather doesn’t seem ideal for a city break or sightseeing, Copenhagen somehow finds a way to please. Here’s what to look forward to when visiting Copenhagen during winter.




Ice Skating at Tivoli and Frederiksberg Gardens


The Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park is a fun place to visit no matter the time of year. But last winter something special was introduced – an ice skating rink. While the park is closed in January, it reopens February 1st and you can wander through the snow-covered park and skate to your heart’s content. The park is also still lit up with festive winter illuminations, meaning you’re going to want to stick around until after dark, which is easy with the early winter sunsets.


Another popular spot to go ice-skating in Copenhagen is the ice rink just outside the Frederiksberg Gardens. With the elegant garden gates as a backdrop, this is a cheaper alternative to Tivoli Gardens, since you only have to pay for renting ice skates.


Copenhagen’s Epic Food Scene


In recent years, Copenhagen has leapt to the forefront of modern international cuisine. Nowadays, the Danish capital is considered a foodie destination, and nothing about winter can get in the way of that. You could spend your entire time in Copenhagen just eating - and that would be a trip well spent.


Noma may be Copenhagen’s most famous restaurant – for a while ranked the best restaurant of the year several years running - but the creativity that it sparked has provided the restaurant with plenty of company. Other restaurants in the city serve both Nordic and international fare, from the Nordic cuisine of Barr in the former space of Noma to Bæst, with its unpretentious Italian menu.


But you don’t need to sit in a Michelin star restaurant to experience quality Danish cuisine. Visit the Torvehallerne market, where among the local produce you can also find bakeries and places that serve local foods. While there, don’t miss the smørrebrød, a Danish open sandwich topped with different cold meats or fish and other garnishes.


Stay Warm with Hygge or Sailing Hot Tubs


It can get pretty chilly at this time of year, but thankfully there are plenty of very Danish ways to stay warm when visiting Copenhagen in winter. Naturally, there’s no better place to start than with the Danish concept of hygge.


A bit of an international lifestyle trend in recent years, this common Danish practice focuses on a feeling of cosiness, contentment and well-being. So, it’s totally fine to visit and spend some time staying warm with a hot drink in a coffee shop or snuggled up somewhere nice. After all, it’s hygge. For a great selection of trendy and creative cafes, be sure to visit the cool neighborhood of Nørrebro.


On the other end of the spectrum, a more out-there way to stay warm and also go sightseeing is with a hot tub canal cruise. While they also have outdoor barrel spas, Copenhot has sailing hot tubs whose waters keep you warm as you drift around the city’s harbor. You get to soak in gloriously warm water while seeing a little more of this fantastic city.




Sightseeing in Winter


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stop sightseeing. Copenhagen is special, in that some parts of it look pretty no matter what the weather is doing. Take for instance the iconic waterfront neighbourhood of Nyhavn. With boats in the canal and colorful old houses along its waterfront boulevard, Nyhavn is gorgeous even in winter.


Then there are all the indoor things to see and do. Copenhagen is no stranger to museums, and they offer a great chance to escape the cold and learn a little about Danish culture. To gain some insight into Denmark as a whole, the National Museum of Denmark is the place to go. With exhibits on everything from the Vikings to the local hippy commune of Christiana, there’s plenty to take in.


If you are into art, visit the National Gallery of Denmark for centuries worth of Nordic and international art, or the palatial heritage of Kunsthal Charlottenborg with its oddly contrasting contemporary art inside.


Whatever ways you choose to enjoy all that Copenhagen has to offer, you are sure to want to return often to this winter treasure!



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Image credit: Shuttershock


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