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Announcing the NEW Mobile Barclaycard Travel Community website!

Community Manager



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Hello Travelers!


We’re thrilled to announce and share with you our new and improved Travel Community mobile website! With the upgrade, we’ve improved your Community experience on cell phones and tablets, and creatively catered to the adventurous travelers you all are. Through refinements that make our platform look and work better, you’ll now access more Community content with fewer steps, and post travel stories the minute you take a picture.


One of the enhanced capabilities that I’m incredibly excited about is the social sharing feature. You can now click the “Share” button under any travel story or blog post to share it with family and friends on social media. This feature can help you plan your next trip by sharing Travel Community information with those who are joining you. Think of all the emails you won’t have to write!


Another huge upgrade is the ease of navigation on your mobile device. This enhanced experience lets you use the Travel Community throughout your trip by operating more quickly, smoothly, and efficiently than ever before. We also optimized the process of creating Stories, to help you post through your phone or tablet, for a seamless experience.


Our mobile homepage has been expanded and remodeled to display the most recent feeds from all Community content. Discussions, Travel Stories, The Blog, and the Best Of are all available without an extra click. We wanted to broaden the inclusive Community feel with this particular update, to quickly present the information you may have missed since your last log-in.


Also new in the redesign is a designated homepage area for “Featured Community Members,” giving recognition to top contributors. Usernames and images will be displayed to represent the applause members deserve for keeping our Community interactive and thriving. We’ll change up our featured members, so be sure to watch for a special shout-out!   


Stories have been revamped so that you can easily dig deeper into sharing your own experiences, and also learn more from other members. There are more options in “What type of trip was this?” and you can now use as many detail points as you’d like on your story map. Not only that, but the detail points you enter will be organized into travel-helpful categories – a few spoilers include Shopping, Culture and Experience, Bars and Nightlife, Sport, and more.


Enough from me. Go explore and enjoy your new Community mobile site. Oh, and don’t be surprised if your Community badges seem a bit more spunky! 



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