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A Message from our Moderators - Irrelevant and Repetitive Content

Community Manager

Hello everyone!


We’d like to cover a topic that is extremely important to the heart of our Barclays Travel Community - quality of posted content. Our moderation team has come across several stories in the past few months that violate site Terms of Use as irrelevant and/or repetitive content. The reason we want to highlight these two concepts is because this type of content diminishes the value of our community as a place to share tips and access quality travel resources.


What is irrelevant content? Stories that fall under irrelevant content contain information that does not give unique, quality detail to travelers and often times can be completely unrelated to a travel experience. Irrelevant content examples include: descriptions of your visit to chain restaurants and coffee shops, stores, airports, flights, drives, sights passed on the way to a destination, rest stops, and other similar every day experiences. The irrelevant stories that our moderation team has seen unfortunately take away from our community’s great ability to serve as a credible travel information center. These types of details during, before or after your travel experience are more appropriate to be included in the details section of your relevant story, if they provide value.


The repetitive content we have been monitoring throughout the community presents when members create multiple stories about similar topics and purposefully expand one travel experience into multiple stories. This interferes with the ability of other community members to learn and become inspired. Repetitive content not only fuels a stale environment in the community, but makes the many quality stories that do exist, more difficult to find. Repetitive comments in details will not be allowed. Any stories with repetitive details will be removed by our moderation team and miles will not be awarded as stated in the Terms of Use.


Our moderation team will continue to remove stories that fall under the irrelevant or repetitive content violation. Continued violations by a community member will result in that member being banned.


An existing resource we highly recommend members reference as a guide to creating stories going forward is the community Best Of. Stories highlighted in this section focus on quality travel content and give other members unique information that they may not be able to find elsewhere. Think of yourself as a travel blogger when writing stories, sharing the best possible tips that would help others plan trips.   


Moderators and managers very much enjoy reading the information members share in our Travel Community, but we ask you to respect the site Terms of Use and actively share content that helps make our community the best travel resource it can be.


Thank you! If you have any questions related to your stories, please feel free to contact us at

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