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6 Must Read Tips for Writing Great Travel Stories

Community Manager

To get started, here are 6 must read tips you can use to inspire us. Ready?

Great titles sell the story.
When was the last time you just had to grab a magazine off the shelf and read it? This is exactly the effect you should try to have on your readers.


Aim for short, descriptive titles that inspire, interest or engage the reader right away. When it comes to Barclaycard Travel Community, travel story titles should be less than 40 characters (or it cuts off with an ellipsis.) Here are a few examples:
• Amazing Rock-Climbing in Vermont
• Yikes! A Close Call with Va Wildlife
• Life Lessons X-Country from Pa to Ca
• Girls’ Day Out at Arizona’s Mesa Spa


Photos are a must have.
There’s a reason that photos get 53% more likes on Facebook than any other type of post.  People love to see your adventures.  Go ahead and make them envious by adding your favorite pictures to every travel story you write.


Not sure which photos to add? Pick the ones that show you in action or include an incredible view.  Signs, entrances and general information shots are good too.  However, stay away from blurry pictures and portraits of the family standing somewhere.

One more tip on great photos: if someone can picture themselves in the shot, they will immediately connect emotionally with your image.  That means landscapes top the charts for most people.


Don’t be afraid of details.
If you feel a little overwhelmed by how many ways you traveled, restaurants you ate at and tourist attractions you enjoyed, just break up your trip into multiple categories.

Remember that you control how your information is organized.  You can post multiple pictures for each attraction and title the story, “A Breath-Taking Day at the Taj Mahal, “then title your next story, “Three Days in Rajasthan, India.”

Narrative reels us in.
Everyone loves a good story. Try your hand at being a National Geographic reporter and tell us something interesting that happened to you. Use action verbs, lots of adjectives and let your personality shine through your work.

Often, the best travel stories are how you resolved an issue, language barriers or miscommunications with reservations. Try to stay away from blaming and negativity. Stick to fun, funny stuff that describes your emotions.

Mind your p’s and q’s.
No one expects you to have perfect grammar. However, if your writing is unclear or confusing, it will bore your readers.  Read over your work carefully to make sure it makes sense. Have someone else read your story if you are trying to explain something difficult.

Make every day an adventure.
If you don’t know what to write about, think about the last time you went absolutely anywhere.  From a day at the zoo to a birthday in a favorite restaurant, it might make a great travel story.  Include details like how you got there and what you ate.

For example, maybe your family headed to the park for a picnic.  Did you hike any trails? See some wildlife? You’ll soon find you have a lot more advice to give reader’s than you thought.

The key to great travel stories is to share. That means letting the good, the bad and the ugly all come out in the details of your adventure.

City Slicker
good tips! Thanks.
City Slicker
Many many thanks. I am a Travel guide provide Cuba Travel Tips to help travelers. I really liked your system of writing .
County Wise
Thanks, I hope my stories get better and better!
Internationally Known
I love writing and sharing travel stories. Thanks for the tips!
County Wise
Good tips! They definitely make the read more enjoyable
Nationally Recognized
Unfortunately, with the incentives for the site set up the way they are, the vast majority of contributors are going for quantity rather than quality. I wish there were some easy ways to locate the stories that are more than a single picture with 4 lines of text. How about some advanced search capabilities that search on number of kudoes, or number of pictures? Maybe more Featured Stories (and a QUICK way to list the featured stories instead of hoping they scroll by at the top of the screen?). Or a way to see a condensed list of all the posts by a particular writer? I've found some writers I like, but don't have the patience to scroll past page after page of "Load More Stories" looking for topics I'm interested in.
County Wise
You could always ask more details from posters I think. I would be happy to share more with any readers that are interested in things that I post. I don't really care about quantity because at the end of the day it is pennies. I just love to tell my stories and post my pictures and wish I could touch everyone with my stories. I started out doing a long story but quickly realized folks were really not interested in loads of pic and a more deeply detailed story. Happy to share anything you might be interested in.......
County Wise
For some reason my photos won't upload? I am not sure what I am doing wrong? I tried to drag and drop and click "upload files." Neither one worked?
Community Manager
Hi @momoftwins, Have you tried reducing the file size of your images? Sometimes the upload process works better with file sizes that are smaller than 1MB. Let me know if you are still having issues. Thank you!
Stately Explorer
Offer more points for longer stories?
City Slicker
Manuel Antonio resort area in Costa Rica In the early rainy season in Manuel Antonio, there is little rain, but lush vegetation. There are iguanas near the pool plank floor observing; there are white-face monkeys playing on rails/tree limbs looking for food and fussing for territory; the view of the Pacific from the motel is breathtaking. It is a paradise where mangroves grow right down to the beach, where the monkeys place and the warm Pacific is rolling in graciously and foaming to welcome you. It is my 3rd time there and I cannot get enough!
Stately Explorer
useful tips!
City Slicker
Great tips! Thank you. I am having difficulty uploading pictures to my travel story. Could you, please, give a few suggestions on what I might be doing incorrectly. The drag & drop method does not take nor the uploading from a file on my computer. I have tried a couple of different browswers as well--Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I love to travel and enjoy reading travel stories members here have taken and very much want to share the experiences. Thank you!
City Slicker
I'm new here, just registered and I think this is going to be soooo fun! I'll post our pics, as soon as I got back from our beach trip with colleagues!!!
County Wise
Thanks for this!
City Slicker
usefull information share with us before starting a post.
City Slicker
Having been in the Travel industry for 20 + years and traveled extensively I have many cities that I have visited and LOVED
My overall cities, and I flip a coin are SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK CITY
These cities offer EVERYTHING, from adventure, art, history
Wall Street, Museums, restaurants, transportation, theater, sports and climate.
More to come later
City Slicker
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City Slicker
I will spend my vacation at santa monica beach because I love the beautiful
view at santa monica beach.

City Slicker
Thank you for the useful information before getting started. I can't wait to tell you about some of our trips.
City Slicker
nantasket beech in hull mass its a real beach with powerfull newengland waves
County Wise
Jennifer I have asked this question but haven' received an answer yet. I am confused about naming restaurants. Can I do that? I would think that would be beneficial. Thank you kindly.
Nationally Recognized
Hi @bellebuzz: Thanks for your messages. In the the Community Guidelines, we state:

"Do not post non-travel related stories (examples: your trip to local, generic chain restaurants, the view from your car while driving, etc.)."

Is this what you are referring to? What we are stating is that the inclusion of Starbucks, McDonalds, etc. are not acceptable details.
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Very helpful post. Thanks 

City Slicker

Thank you,  I'm looking to share more!

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very helpful for writing article

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I think this is an informative post and it is very useful and knowledgeable. therefore, I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.


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