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5 Cruise Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

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Cruising is a great way for individuals who are unable to or not interested in spending an extended amount of time in one vacation destination. It’s fun, cost effective, and time efficient. With ports all over the world there are many destinations for vacationers to take advantage of. Here are 5 popular and not-so-popular (but equally extraordinary) cruise destinations to add to your bucket list.


Panama Canal

Best time of year to visit: October - April


The Panama Canal was completed in 1914 and is considered one of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever undertaken. Originally constructed to reduce shipment times, today it is a popular cruise route. No only can passengers literally cruise down history, there are also several exciting tropical shore excursions including small boat tours of the canal and the Rainforest Aerial Tram.


Many cruise liners offer destinations that stop in the port of Panama Canal. One to check out is Princess Cruises.



Norwegian Pearl Alaskan Cruise Review.jpg


Best time of year to visit: May- September


Alaska’s breathtaking scenery includes beautiful bays and harbors, old-growth forests, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and fjords. If you’re into animal-spotting, there are numerous varieties of whales, sea lions, and harbor seals in the water; bears, moose, fox, and caribou on land; and eagles soaring overhead.


You can check out the rates at Norwegian Cruise Line
(photo via EmilyK)




Best time of year to visit: Varies


Australia is so large that its climate varies and it has several ports around the continent. Popular ports include Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Wellington. Excursion options are seemingly endless because of Australia's diver landscape. Popular options include desert treks, winery tours, shopping in the city, snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef, and adventures in the outback.


Check out Royal Caribbean, which offers a 12- or 14- night cruise through the popular ports listed above and exotic ones like Fiji and Tasmania.



Mykonos, Greece

Best time of year to visit: March - October


The island of Mykonos is famous for its sand and sea. While this isn’t the traditional bustling tourist port, its beautiful views make for a romantic destination. Mykonos is located on the Aegean Sea. You can disregard traditional, adventurous excursions on this trip. Take a shuttle from the port into town and walk along the quaint streets sampling local delicacies such as honey, olives, olive oil, pistachios and cheeses and the flavorful dishes they are used in.


Royal Caribbean is one of many cruise liners that also offers a variety of trips that sail to this port.



Port Labadee, Haiti

Best time of year visit- April - November


This may come as a surprise to individuals who haven’t visited the island of Haiti, but nestled in the Caribbean and often overshadowed by other popular Caribbean islands, Port Labadee is an absolute jewel. Haiti’s French influenced culture and clear blue beaches make it a favorite among cruisers. If the beach isn’t your thing take a walk through history to visit the remarkable cathedrals and forts.


Royal Caribbean is currently the only cruise liner that offers trips to the island.



Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Best time of year to visit: Year round


Because of its location, getting to Bora Bora by cruise can be pricey. But once you get there the island absolutely delivers. As one of the most remote, inhabited places on earth, Bora Bora and the French Polynesian islands offer crystal clear turquoise beaches, lush forests, and serenity. Although it’s not necessarily the most budget-friendly trip, a cruise to the French Polynesian islands is the perfect relax and recharge destination.


Several cruise liners make the long, but worthwhile journey to Bora Bora including Carnival, which offers 17-19 night options from Australia.




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