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5 Apps and Maps to Help You on the Road

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Ready for a road trip? Summertime is the perfect time to pack the car and hit the road. But let's face it, driving there can mean managing a lot of directions and logistics. Here are five apps and maps to make your life easier on the road. 




Getting directions to and from various locations is all about finding the best route. Sometimes the best route now will not be the best route later, depending on traffic conditions. Waze is a navigation app that shares real-time info about what's really happening on the road. The community of drivers using the app help notify each other of road conditions, traffic accidents, hazards as well as police.



One of the most expensive parts of any road trip is the gasoline. Gas prices are on the rise and if you're ready to hit the open road, you want to know where the most affordable gas is. Luckily, you can use GasBuddy to easily find the best gas prices. Simply input the city or zip code and compare prices in the area.



Planning a road trip is all about finding the best routes that also let you stop at cool places and visit local attractions. Using Roadtrippers, you can plan your road trip route and uncover local accommodations, attractions, food and drink, and more along the way. In other words, you can consolidate your research all in one place.



Road trips can mean logging long hours on the road. Eventually you'll have to make a pit stop to go to the bathroom or take a rest. Using the iExit app, you can see what exits are ahead and which amenities they may have. iExit shows you gas prices, nearby restaurants and hotels at each exit. This great tool can guide you to an exit that has exactly what you need. 



You might think of Jack Kerouac's “On the Road” and dream of adventures and exotic places when planning your road trip. But road trips aren't all fun adventures. Things can happen. Your car could break down or you might get a flat tire. When driving long distances anything can happen. So what can you do when you're in a new place and don't know where to turn? You can use Openbay, an app that partners with local automotive repair shops to help you fix the problem. You just put in your location, describe the issue, and get quotes from local service providers. Compare, schedule an appointment, and voila, your car will be ready to go in no time.


Final word

Road trips are all about exploring new places and hitting the open road for endless driving and dreaming. But they also require a lot of preparation. These five apps and maps, will give you the tools you need to make sure you're covered for everything from gas and repairs to food and local attractions.


Where do you want your road trip to take you?



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 Are any of these sites available online via computer?  I know gasbuddy is, but I haven't heard of the rest of these. 

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