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3 Winning Sports Travel Experiences

Guest Blogger

Tokyo 2020 Feb Travel Blog.jpg

By Amy Wilde

For sports fans, there's no shortage of ways to get your adrenaline pumping at the big event of your choice in 2020. Here are three top picks for the year:

NFL Draft Las Vegas, April 23-25
The NFL Draft experience welcomes fans with fun, interactive sports-themed activations and photo opportunities galore. If there were ever an ideal place to rub elbows with pro team prospects and legends alike while having the time of your life, this would be it. This year's draft weekend takes place in Las Vegas, a city already brimming with excitement ahead of the Raiders move there this Fall. For NFL fans wanting to get in on the action, the three-day extravaganza offers single-day access to each day of the NFL Draft, as well as a full-flight access to the VIP behind-the-scenes tour of the draft stage ahead Day 1 festivities.

Premier League The U.K., Through May
There's never a weekend in the U.K. this spring without a Premier League fixture (aka game) taking place somewhere to the delight of football fanatics. To experience the thrill of an EPL victory (or the agony of defeat), select the matchup of your choice and find out who gets relegated, who makes it to the top 6 and who surprises fans and naysayers along the way. Since this is the most-watched league of any sport in the world, stadiums tend to fill to capacity, so be sure to book your trip and your tickets well in advance. Traveling with family or friends who aren't Premier League fans? You can also choose a location with off-the-beaten-path spots for them to check out.

Summer Olympics Tokyo, Japan July 24 - Aug. 9/ Trials in multiple U.S. cities, Feb-June Enthusiasts of all kinds of sports are in for a treat this year as top athletes around the world follow their dreams to the 2020 Summer Olympics. While the Summer Games are set to take place in Tokyo from late July through early August, Team USA Olympic Trials will be held in multiple cities around the country between February and June. Even if your plans won't take you to Tokyo, you can still check out the U.S. talent stateside. Marathoners on Feb. 29 will race their way through Atlanta to determine who qualifies for Tokyo, while wrestling trials run April 4-5 in State College, Pa. Divers take to the boards from June 14-21 in Indianapolis, followed by swimmers gathering for their trials from June 21-28 in Omaha, Neb. Finally, gymnasts attempt to tumble their way to glory from June 24-28 in St. Louis, and track and field trials round out the multi-city series of qualifying events from June 19-27 in Eugene, Ore. If you're determined to experience the actual Olympics, here are some dates and must-see events to keep in mind: The Opening Ceremonies are on July 24; "Super Saturday," when 21 medals are scheduled to be awarded, is on Aug. 1, the Closing Ceremonies on Aug. 9, and a host of key Olympic and Paralympic matches and events will happen in between.

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