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West Coast USA Santa Cruz CA 2017

City Slicker

West Coast USA Santa Cruz CA 2017

Lighthouse Watches SurfersLighthouse Watches Surfers

 I love the beauty of our west coast in the wintertime.  30 minutes away from our favorite San Francisco, city by the bay, and the tech world of Silicon Valley, I find this beauty as I chat with locals and try different foodie treats.  


I do love waking up on Christmas morning and peek out my window to see the fresh new layer of snow on the ground without any footprints yet.  I also appreciate the holiday time warm energy from our California coast. I do not compare these experiences, I know one experience builds on the other.


I know my family in Central USA might think I am nuts that I spend most of my leisure time on vacation watching these surfers at this vista point in Santa Cruz, CA. Perhaps they tire of my surfers pictures that I keep posting every year. When I go I find something different every year - weather, people, events.


Santa Cruz, California  - surfers, foodies, sidewalk art murals, my favorites!

Written by the Fun Tour Guru