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We drove to Texas from Ohio..and swam with alligators

City Slicker

We drove to Texas from Ohio..and swam with alligators

Let me tell tell you that I'm the world's okayest mom. I have one child of my own (she's the one who looks possessed by a demon in the photo below) and I'm the guardian of three more kids due to some unfortunate events. Anywho, my husband and I were stressed out and needed to get away. We decided it would be fun to take a road trip to Texas to visit family, with 4 kids (I never said we were smart). It was a never ending ride with Chex mix still in my seats after all this time. We finally arrive to our destination, anahuac. There's not much to see here, but just reconnecting with family was worth the trip. So here's where the story gets interesting..

This part of Texas is full of swamps and close to the gulf. We get on a boat and go to a spot "only locals know about" and it's gorgeous. It's a lake completely surrounded by trees. We soak in this view and one of our Texan family members jumps in the water. "Come on kids, get in" he says. I immediately have mom eyes and am looking for alligators. The kids jump in and I'm mentally unstable by this point, but faking a smile. Then it happens, I see one...It's swimming towards my kids. I tell our Texan family member I think it's a gator. He says "nah, that's a stick". I immediately interrupt "the stick is swimming". Quickly we hustle the kids on the boat, and I'm panicking because they are making the boat tip and all the commotion scares the gator off. Finally out of danger, right? No, suddenly thunder rolls and we are in the middle of a mud lake, in a metal boat, surrounded by animals that want to eat my children. We start to hustle out of there, but we're an hour from land. Being pelted by rain, we covered up with towels and clothes to avoid the pain of the rain drops hitting at fast sppeds. I peak out of my covers to see one of our family members from Texas with his arms out sitting on the tip of the boat just being pelted with the rain. We're in some sort of alternate universe, I thought. We reach an over pass and we have to, uhm, use the bathroom. So I take the girls to the other side and I'm pretty sure the boys just pee off the boat. We finish up and start walking back, and my niece says what's this? I look and she's holding alligator eggs. What in the name of all thing holy. We all look at each other and run to the boat. Jumping in the water with our shoes on. We finally make in back to our van and we all just died laughing. This was our reaction below.