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Vacation with the locals.

City Slicker

Vacation with the locals.

It wasn't my first time to Mexico, but it was my first time to Oaxaca. I had purchased my ticket to Oaxaca international airport and booked my airbnb beachfront bungalow in December 2016, and could not wait to explore the region of Mexico to be dripping in culture.  


  It wasn't until a week before my trip i had realized to reach Playa zipolite I would have to take a connection flight from the city or take a 6 hour bus ride. Already in my lazefair vacation attitude, I decided to book my flight when i got to Oaxaca international.


  Having missed my connection flight to Oaxaca international from Mexico city ( due to a bit of language barrier), by the time I tried to book  a flight to the beach, the last flight had left. So it was off to take a 6 hour bus ride through the lush Mountains of Southern Mexico.


 As apeeling of a second option as this sounds it turned out to be tourtertous. The 6 hours was a nauseating twist and turn car ride through the curviest mountain roads. The only relief to be had was at the end of the journey. After a brief taxi ride to the beach, I finally reached my destination. Playa Zipolite. Nothing could have prepared me for the sight of this beach.  Palm trees that gently swayed in the wind, and despite all the people all that could be heard was the tumbling and crashing of the ocean waves.  Kate my lovely host helped me with my bags to the top floor of cafe maya, a family run hotel and restaurant. My room was simply a bed and a bathroom. The best part was the balcony with a hammock that faced the ocean.


Only had stayed a week, the best part of this trip was Zipolite beach was where the Mexicans went on vacation, it helped me meet locals and really get a sense of the country and culture. Besides surfing lessons and swimming there were amazing restaurants of authentic southern Mexican cooking to be sampled and the night life was superb! Zipolite beachZipolite beach

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