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Trip Down Memory Lane - Collect Memories, Not Things

City Slicker

Trip Down Memory Lane - Collect Memories, Not Things

Traveling allows you to collect memories, not things. This is the basis of our relationship. I am American, and my Husband is Scottish. We’ve never lived in each other’s home country, and being on the road is a beautiful common ground for us. So much so, in 2017 we left our jobs to pursue our love and passion for travel as budget backpackers for one year.


This picture from Bago, Myanmar is one of my favorites from our adventures this year as it not only captures the beauty of a country that still has so much left to be discovered but also my awe of the beauty before my eyes.


During our travels, we’ve explored Southeast Asia, Scotland, Central America, South America and are meeting family to continue the adventure in both New Zealand and the USA. We’d love to expand that list and continue to explore and grow our perspective of the world.