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The van, the mountain, and the tattoo shop

City Slicker

The van, the mountain, and the tattoo shop

Two girls rented a van to cruise around California. We picked up some tattoos in SF, drank Bud Light in a Stockton trailer park under the stars, dodged bears in the mountains of Yosemite, and soaked in the sweet sweet sunshine at Carmel by the Sea. A trip we could only dream of when we lived in the college dorm together became a reality that was beyond expectations. And I even bought my ticket using Barclay travel miles (shameless plug). Next van trip...Arizona 2018!2A45E119-2A85-4D13-8C1E-DDEBB94038DA.jpegHey Berkeley!


1623E38F-5C7C-4B49-821F-150F627C52C5.jpegWhat’s good Carmel!


6B50FC79-3389-4BDE-8429-A551CD5A5E83.jpegDay 4 without a shower #Yosemite