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The beauty of Cozumel

City Slicker

The beauty of Cozumel

After ten years of dreaming, I finally allowed myself an actual vacation. A pretty big deal since Wisconsin winters can be tough to take.

Destination: Cozumel. 

Every day began with a run on the beach or on rural road that goes the perimeter of the island. Venturing far off the resort property to explore and see authentic life in Cozumel. We rented a Jeep and drove around the island, finding hidden gems along the way that were literally off the beaten path. Our final morning, we got up early to drive to the eastern side of the island and witness the sunrise over the Caribbean. The beauty and tranquility of nature and a little slice of heaven on earth.

We also happened across a sign for the Ironman Cozumel and it was fitting that I was wearing my Ironman Wisconsin finisher's shirt. While we were driving, we did encounter a lot of cyclists out training on the road. Loved seeing wide dedicated bike lanes and even completely separate roads strictly for bikers, scooters and pedestrians!!!!

Each day, during the day, we had an iguana that hung out on the tree just off our balcony and at night, we had two tree frogs that stayed in our bathroom. One was just a tiny little baby, no bigger than an inch long. (I love frogs!)

The trip was beyond what I had dreamt it to be. I hope not to let another tens years pass before my next tropical escape.

20170304_114317_hut.jpgFirst stop on our Jeep ride on the east side of Cozumel20170304_111508_road_beach.jpgThe quiet and peaceful side of the island20170305_083916_rocks_waves.jpgThese waves don't exactly capture just how big and powerful they were20170305_084150_beach_flag.jpgViva la Mexico20170304_114141_TandI.jpgMiles of shoreline to explore20170305_080419_IMCZM.jpgIronman Cozumel "in training" sign20170305_072017_sunrise.jpgRemote beach sunrise20170306_124429_police.jpgThese guys were great sports, taking a moment to get a picture with Flat Stanley