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The Unforeseen SUMMER ROAD TRIP and More!

City Slicker

The Unforeseen SUMMER ROAD TRIP and More!

I have always loved traveling and seeing new places and that love turned into a mission to show my girls the 50 States. By summer of 2016, we had visited 37. But in that very same year, I received some bad news that would change our family and anything we once considered as normal.

                When the reality of our new situation settled in, my 8 year old asked, “Mom, does that mean we won’t be seeing the rest of America?” All I could say at that point was, “We will have to pray and see”.

                Well when we entered 2017 we came up with a plan to earn the money to take a summer drive. A drive that would take us through 8 new states. We participated in garage sales, cleaned someone else’s home, and even rented our own home out through Airbnb. And at the end of June we drove off on an incredible road trip. Our destinations were Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, stayed with friends in Colorado and then headed home through Nebraska, Iowa, down to Kansas and back over through Missouri.

The state count didn’t stop there, to our surprise a loving Aunt and Uncle offered to cover a large portion of our flights and we were able to join some of my family members in Hawaii which also allowed a five day layover in California.

                So here we were, at the end of 2017 and our state count was now 47. I know that would not have been possible without the girls working hard, the generosity of family and of course the incredible travel benefits we get by using my Barclay Mastercard ~ which by the way, paid for the majority of our lodging.

Thank you Barclay, for being a part of making our 2017 awesome. And as you can imagine, we have hopes to hit the last three states in summer of 2018.Mount Rushmore, SDMount Rushmore, SD


Kansas City, MissouriKansas City, Missouri