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The Key (Largo) to My Heart

City Slicker

The Key (Largo) to My Heart

   “You ready” He smiled excitedly.


   “Um…yes.” I said, trying to hide my nervousness.


   “I’ll go in first to make sure it’s safe.” He slid down his goggles and gave me a quick kiss before placing the snorkel in his mouth. Then without hesitation, he cannonballed into the open ocean.


   After a few seconds, he resurfaced with an excited smile on his face.


   “All clear! Come on in!” He yelled. I tried to say something but was worried my voice would betray me.


   “What’s wrong? Are you scared?” He asked.


   “Um…yes,” I confessed and gripped the edge of the boat tighter.


   “What are you scared of?”


   Suddenly, I understood the phrase My life flashed before my eyes.


   “Um…the unknown.” I blurted out.


   “Why? That’s the best part!” He smiled encouragingly.


   I tried to come up with an objection but instead found myself taking a deep breath and letting go. He swam to me and wrapped his arms around me.


   "You did it!" He congratulated. I couldn't help but smile as well. 


   "Come on," He said. "Lets go under."


   Obediently I listened. When I opened my eyes underwater, I had to stop myself from taking a gasp. Different shades of blue, green, orange, purple and even pink, painted the coral reef. Fish of every shape and color awknowledged us but kept a safe distance. How could something be so peaceful and yet thrilling at the same time?


   We stayed there until we noticed the light beginning to fade. As we watched the sun spill its colors in the water, I couldn't help but notice they matched the coral reef below.