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The Incredible Journey

City Slicker

The Incredible Journey

About 8000 feet climb to an altitude of 13,980 feet, over 25 miles of hiking in rugged conditions over four days; these are some of the statistics for the number crunchers.


For others, it was all about the serenity of being with nature, listening to the sounds that we never knew even existed; it was about the flora and fauna in the 81 micro ecosystems wedged between landscapes, cloud forests, and jungles; it was about the constant companionship of the ever meandering Urubamba River reminding us of its presence by its gentle murmur to drawing our attention with thunderous roars; it was about the fortune of seeing the billions of stars in our galaxy in the freshness of the crisp air we breathed every moment; it was about walking midst the towering mountains which made us feel so small and insignificant; it was all about this and much more…


It was about the ever smiling support staff who woke us up each morning with their bright smiles and with a bowl of warm water for us to freshen up with; it was about the first Cocoa tea early in the morning to help us get over any altitude sickness to the last mint tea to help us sleep like babies and all the care in between to feed us so we have the energy to conquer the trail; it was all about the toughness and agility of the porters who carried 25 kg on their backs and moved with such deftness and speed to put to shame the athlete in us; it was all about this and much more…


It was not about the day before, it was not about the day after, it was all about savoring and living each moment. It was not about the amazing destination of Machu Picchu, it was simply about the Incredible JourneyThe Incredible Journey.JPG