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The Barren Ruins of Zakagori Fortress

City Slicker

The Barren Ruins of Zakagori Fortress

In November, my two friends and I embarked on a trip around Georgia (the country, not the state). We wanted to explore remote destinations and we definitely fulfilled that goal, venturing into the northern Georgian mountains close to Russia. We stayed in a small town in the foothills of Mount Kazbek, a 16,560 ft tall mountain.  One day, we decided to venture out to Zakagori Fortress, which is an abandoned stone fortress that marks the border between Georgia and Russian occupied territory.

The trip there was arduous and beautiful. Our local guide (a local guide is definitely recommended, unless you are a professional off-road driver and know Georgian so that you can talk to border patrol) drove us through narrow dirt roads that went up and down mountains, uncomfortably close to ravines, through abandoned towns, and across wide swaths of picturesque landscapes. When we finally arrived and hiked to the ruins, we were blown away. The ruins were reminiscent of something out of an Indiana Jones movie, or maybe even Skyrim. The surrounding mountains were extraordinary, barren, and silent. Words fall short when describing the beauty of that area, so I guess a picture will have to do.

Zakagori FortressZakagori Fortress