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That time I discovered Mexico's next great photographer

City Slicker

That time I discovered Mexico's next great photographer

OK maybe not (time will tell!) but this moment in Valladolid, Mexico, is one of my favorite all-time travel moments.




Walking around the Convent de San Bernardino, my friend and I came across an adorable little boy and his family, enjoying the last hour of light before sunset. The boy's eyes locked on my camera and he held his hands out, insisting I let him use it. How could I say no?


He immediately tried to swipe the back screen, but after I showed him the ancient technology that required scrolling, he quickly adapted (kids really are scary good at that sort of thing) and started looking through my photos, pausing occasionally to point out the "coche" or pausing to marvel at how my friend was both in the camera and right in front of him. The most exciting event, however, was when I showed him how to click the top button to take a photo of my friend. His smile at that moment is seared into my memory.


Eventually I was able to pry the camera away and resume my sightseeing, but the chance to connect with a local stands out more in my mind than the amazing architecture, food, cenotes and Mayan ruins I took in during the rest of my trip.


I just hope he remembers me when he's a world-famous photographer in a few years :)

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