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Sunrise over Haneakala

City Slicker

Sunrise over Haneakala

Sunrise over Haleakala.jpg


Tuesday morning.


We had just arrived in beautiful Maui, Hawaii.  We did not have the time to acclimate to the new time zone. We were being picked up at 2:30 AM. No matter; we hadn't figured out when we were supposed to sleep anyway....We were on our way to experience the sunrise at the top of the Haneakala volcano.


The morning was clear although we were warned that the weather would be changing as we climbed the 10,000 feet to the top of the volcano. Although it was July in Hawaii, we were dressed as if it was winter in New York. We were wearing long pants, sweaters, winter jackets, boots and of course hats.


When we reached the parking area at the top of Haneakala (I love to say that) the temperature had dropped some 40 degrees. We hurried to find a spot with the best view and a spot where we were protected from the wind. This was a must see event in Hawaii and there were people all over.


As the sunrise grew closer I became more and more excited. It wasn't often that a Brooklyn boy like me got an opportunity to experience this kind of natural beauty. The colors we would experience were changing every few seconds. First the sky showed glimpses of yellow, then orange, then red, then orange again and finally blue. The clouds becoming visible within the crater of the volcano became the most amazing shade of blue, then gray and blue again. The peaks of the volcano produced the greatest and sharpest contrast to the sky. And the sun rose for what felt like an unbelievable 90 minutes. Fantastic.


I am no professional photographer but i think I was able to capture some the beauty of the day. Hope you enjoy it.....

Sunrise over Haleakala-2-copy2.jpg