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Summer Storms in the Rockies

City Slicker

Summer Storms in the Rockies

My wife and I are wedding photographers, but in our spare time we loving travel photography. We take one big trip every summer and this year it was to Colorado. Being from New Jersey we have seen more of Europe than we have of the Midwest. So, we thought it was time to see more of the beautiful country we live in. This particular trip also held some special meaning for me.


I was adopted from Kansas as an infant and have been spending time getting to know my birth family over the last few years. My wife and I took this trip with my birth mom and my birth brother who is 11. We spent a week driving around Colorado and visiting all of the most scenic places. We went whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River and hiking in the Rockies. We are also big foodies so we tried a lot of popular restaurants in Boulder, CO including Voodoo Donuts, possibly the best donuts I’ve ever had!


Some of the best moments of the trip were being out in nature with my wife and family. My little brother My wife and I are wedding photographers, but in our spare time made the experience extra special. He knows I’m a photographer so he borrowed his mom’s camera and wanted me to teach him how to use it. We went on a lot of off trail adventures trying to capture the perfect shot. One day we were hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and we came across a herd of elk sleeping by a river. It was such a peaceful sight to see. It started down pouring soon after and we ran the 3 miles back down the trail through the rain, thunder, and lighting.


After the downpour we were all completely drenched and covered in mud. We decided to go to a nearby restaurant to warm up and dry off. It ended up being one of the worst dining experiences of my life! The food at the “Irish Pub” that we stopped at was absolutely terrible. We ended up asking for a refund and leaving to get coffee and ice cream for dinner instead. We didn’t let the bad dining experience ruin our day; in the end we laughed it off and spent the car ride home talking about our favorite parts of our hike that day.



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